#LoveIsland: Eyal Booker ‘mugs off’ the medic

#LoveIsland: Eyal Booker ‘mugs off’ the medic

Dr Alex loses out to the Buddah of Bushey and Hayley leaves the villa

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

No sooner had Jewish News gone to press waxing lyrical about the virtues of ex-JFS pupil Eyal, he was pulling a fast one on sunburnt Dr Alex and playing up to Love Island’s new blonde (with black roots).

Swapping glamour model Hayley for stripper turned legal secretary Megan was a no brainer for the bushy boy from Bushey as the former was proving to be a challenge. Unable to identify an ear lobe or say the word ‘vocabulary’ Hayley would test most people’s patience and her attempt to look intelligent in those big glasses has failed miserably. Unable to produce ghosts for Hayley despite his ‘spiritual’ claims, she went off him and made a beeline for newbie Charlie, yet another model with an IQ less than his bicep measurements.

So what was our David in the Lion’s Den supposed to do? Come out fighting that’s what and consciously recouple with anyone who could use more than three syllables. And so it was that Eyal last night found himself going up against that nice young doctor in the house (gettit?) to get Megan with the huge red pout. Of course everyone was rooting for Alex who saves lives rather than Eyal who saves selfies, but he had the tousled beach-look and the patter while poor Alex only has a red nose and a personality in need of resuscitation.

Dr Alex and Buddah Eyal

Reflecting real world rejection in all it’s misery – the girl chose the guy that would give her the hardest time and Alex had to watch the kissing in close-up. Will Dr Alex give Eyal a taste of his own medicine? Will the contestants ever be given any food they don’t have to spit out? Are Eyal’s family praying he doesn’t bring the stripper home for Shabbat? And when can we see Hayley play charades? “I think it’s a film,…it could be a book, but I’ve never read one. It’s got three ….well, it’s a long word and I don’t know what it means.” Eyal is definitely playing the game, it just isn’t charades.

*For those not au fait with Love Island lingo to ‘mug off’ is to make a fool out of someone

Moody Megan and her man


Eyal has survived a second cull. Hayley didn’t and our spiritual hero was philosophical about her departure: “It’s her fault”he said ahead of snuggling up with the seriously moody but magnificent Megan. Not sure things are going to work out for the two of them as Megan’s close resemblance to Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad doesn’t bode well. In the real world word is that Eyal’s family are not having a good time with all of this and his mum wants him out. Hope the next text on Love Island is from mum.


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