Booker Tov! Eyal… Have you seen him?

Booker Tov! Eyal… Have you seen him?

The continuing adventures of former JFS boy-turned-model Eyal Booker, as he struts his stuff to attract female  attention on ITV2’s Love Island...

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

It hasn’t gone unnoticed on Twitter and there may even be ‘Missing’ posters in the bars of  Magaluf, but at the time of going to press, Eyal Booker was noticeable for his absence on Love Island, writes Brigit Grant.

He may have eaten a dodgy hemp biscuit or got lost looking for ‘sprites’ in the villa gardens, but whatever it was that was filling his time, the Buddha of Bushey was off screen during the Adam/Rosie/Laura/Wes collision in the latest episode.

There was a flash of his curls in the kitchen at breakfast and a shot of his head, shoulders, knees and toes on the curvy pool bench, but that was all we got to see of our hero until lights out.

Without the benefit of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, everything contestants do on or under their duvets is watched by us, so Eyal and mouthy Megan’s kiss fest was in full sight.

Former JFS pupil Eyal Booker, 22, is one of 11 contestants in the new series of ITV2’s Love Island…. but he is nowhere to be seen

On the subject of ‘full sight’, shots of Eyal’s other half Megan Barton in the nod were proving a distraction at school sports days across north-west London. Ahead of the dad’s race in Mill Hill Park, the fathers (and some mums) were passing phones to get a look at the woman who chose Eyal instead of Dr Alex.

They’ve probably now seen more of Megs than Eyal has, but there’s still time. In the real world,  Eyal is getting lots of YouTube attention through his former band EverYoung.

The band released five singles, none of which reached the UK charts, but this week the Official Charts Company revealed that EverYoung’s Spotify streams have shot up 1,681 percent and, on YouTube, their video Icy Blue has 101,000 views, and Stuck In This Mess has 83,000.

Sadly, Eyal is not faring well with Love Island viewers  and his odds at 22/1 put him last in the favourites ranking. Maybe little less Buddha and a bit more bad boy might improve his chances, as we want him to stay.

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