Louise Ellman urges action over abusive activist

Louise Ellman urges action over abusive activist

The Jewish Liverpool MP urged her party to suspend Momentum members 'hell-bent' on attacking her

Louise Ellman speaking in parliament.
Louise Ellman speaking in parliament.
Labour MP Louise Ellman has urged her party to suspend a group of left-wing activists who are said to have been making plans to oust her from her seat.
Correspondence leaked to the press has revealed that members of campaign group Momentum are “hell-bent” on attacking the Jewish MP, who said she was “appalled” by the reports.
Activists also drew up a plan to eventually ensure Ellman, who has criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the past, was deselected as a Labour candidate.
Online conversations seen by The Times and Liverpool Echo reveal the Momentum branch in Ellman’s constituency of Liverpool Riverside conspired to deny her “a supportive base within the local structures of the party” and discussed blocking an investigation into anti-Semitism.
The supposedly 700-strong organisation discussed the plans in invitation-only social media groups, an investigation by other local party members revealed.
Calling for Labour to take “firm action” and suspend the Momentum branch in her constituency, Ellman said: “Momentum are clearly operating against the best interests of and, in many instances, in direct opposition to the Labour Party.
“Neither the Labour Party nor the people of Liverpool can afford to travel down this road again.
“The Party must now take firm action and move to suspend this group and the individuals responsible.”
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