Lord Carey says Jeremy Corbyn gives impression he ‘doesn’t like Jewish people’

Lord Carey says Jeremy Corbyn gives impression he ‘doesn’t like Jewish people’

The former Archbishop called on the Labour Party and Christians to do more to tackle antisemitism in their ranks.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has said on Sunday Jeremy Corbyn’s comments can give the impression that he “doesn’t like Jewish people.”

Speaking to the Israeli network i24NEWS to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, the leading cleric urged the Labour leader to tackle antisemitism in the Party.

Warning it could cost Jeremy Corbyn an election, he said: “The weakness of his statements can give the impression that he is, deep-down, somebody who doesn’t like Jewish people.

“I hope he might say that’s not the case but I fear he is not giving clear leadership to his own party in condemning from within his own ranks people who speak out against Jewish people.

“He has not done it so far, but there’s going to be plenty of opportunity between now and an election to do so. Otherwise it could cost him the election”.

Lord Carey also called on Christians to speak out against antisemitism, saying “we ought to be there with our Jewish friends, side by side with them because we must support them.

“We can do far more, and we ought to be in the forefront whenever there is a deed done against Jewish people such as graveyards invaded.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lord Carey also said church trips to Israel can give pilgrims “a prejudiced view of what’s going on, and it’s a one sided view.”

He added: “What I think we need to do more is to educate Christians who go on these pilgrimages to see this as not the total story.”

Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko, director of the Council of Christians and Jews, said: “Antisemitism is clearly a problem in our society. All sectors of society, including political parties and churches, have a duty to respond.

“The statistics released on Holocaust Memorial Day by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust show just how much more needs to be done to educate our communities about history and our contemporary responsibilities.

“Churches have a particular responsibility to address Christian anti-Judaism which in some cases still informs prejudice.”

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