London synagogues host ‘Big Iftar’ events in Interfaith gesture

London synagogues host ‘Big Iftar’ events in Interfaith gesture

In a display of Interfaith harmony, Muslims have broken their Ramadan fast at London synagogues this week.

The reform shul in north west London and the West London Synagogue hosted Big Iftar events, in which members of the Muslim community broke their daily fast for Ramadan, with Jewish neighbours. 

Attending the event at Alyth was MP Sadiq Khan, in addition to Senior Reform Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner and the newly established Jewish-Muslim Women’s Network co-chair, Laura Marks.

Inspired by the national ‘The Big Iftar’ campaign which seeks to promote neighbourliness and strong community relations the event saw Jews and Muslims of north London discuss topical issues and eat together, before an Islamic call to prayer was made in the synagogue.

During the event, rabbi Mark Goldsmith also took the opportunity to show some of the attendants the Torah.   

The event at Alyth was the second of its kind – with the inaugrual event in 2014 proving to be a big success.

At West London Synagogue Jews and Muslims also joined together to break the fast in partnership with Interfaith organisation Near Neighbours. 

‘Rabbi David Mitchell Tweeted :It was so wonderful to participate in last night’s Big Iftar at WLS. It felt warm, joyous and genuine – a lovely meeting of faiths!’


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