Rabbi Laura’s Pesach message

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Rabbi Laura’s Pesach message

Senior Reform rabbi pleads with members of the community to take all precautions when planning for Pesach.

In her message, Rabbi Janner-Klausner said the definition of kosher l’pesach had been changed by the outbreak. “Saving your life and the people around you is far more important than the right matzahs or the right kosher l’pesach things,” she said.

“What is kosher l’pesach now is you and your health and the health of people around you, so do not risk your health or the people around you to get some food that you might think that you need that we are saying this year has changed,” she added.”This is not a leniency. This is the ruling pretty much across the Jewish world.”

Read more: https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/saving-your-life-is-far-more-important-than-getting-right-matzahs/