Listen to the latest episode of The Jewish Views podcast!

Listen to the latest episode of The Jewish Views podcast!

Welcome to the latest hour-long action-packed episode of The Jewish Views, from The Jewish News!

In this week’s episode, we have a paper review with News Editor Justin Cohen and Online Editor Jack Mendel, who discuss the troubles in the Labour Party and the adftermarth of the Brussels terror attack. They also discuss Donald Trump at AIPAC and Sadaqa day.

Our special quests this week include Philippe Markovic, President of the Brussels Jewish Community, who gives us the mood and reaction from the attack in Belgium.

We then speak to Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg  who tells us about his visit to the refugee camps in Calis.

 Julie Saddiqi talks about Sadaqa day, a day she created inspired by Mitzvah day.
Rabbi Hanoch Teller speaks to us about his work as an award winning author, lecturer and story teller.
The Schmooze team discuss how concerned we should be in Britain about terrorism in the wake of the attack in Brussels, and the Rabbinic thought for the week is from Rabbi Mijael Evan-David from Edgware Masorti synagogue.

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