Liron lands MGBSFL Player of Year award

Liron lands MGBSFL Player of Year award

Player of the Year Liron Mannie

Liron Mannie has been named MGBSFL Player of the Year at the League’s end of season awards evening.

The accolade for the diminutive front man capped off a dream debut season for him, having helped the Raiders  win both the Premier Division title and Cyril Anekstein Cup, and although he’s leaving the club, he went out on a high on Monday night after landing the coveted title.

The 26-year-old told Jewish News: “It was a big surprise but is obviously a great honour, I honestly wasn’t expecting it, I thought maybe Matt Stock, perhaps someone else from what is a very talented squad, but I’m very appreciative of the League and my teammates. I think it’s been a great year for all of us.”

Capping off a great season, he said: “It’s probably been my finest season to date, we have a great unity here, there’s a lot of banter, but we all enjoy it. Everyone loves playing under Rob [Richman] and Jonathan [Green] and that makes a lot of difference. If it wasn’t for those two I probably wouldn’t have joined the club if I’m honest. But everyone who plays under these two enjoy it, even if they’re not playing every game, it really is the team bonding and spirit that has been a major factor in our success.”

Believing he’s been part of the best Jewish team this year, he said: “I think we were the most consistent team this year, Hendon are a great team but we beat them overall in the games between us and I think we have been the best side this season. We’ve shown how far we’ve come as a team.”

And although he won’t be with the side next season – apart from the odd Hendon game – he’s confident they can pick off next season from where they left last. “I’m not here next year but I think with some great new signings coming in – I’m not allowed to say who – I think they can do really well again,” he says. “I want to wish them all the best for next season and will maybe come down for the Hendon games.”

Redbridge B striker Daniel Garfinkle – Young Player of the Year

The Young Player of the Year award went to Redbridge B striker Daniel Garfinkle. The 20-year-old who helped fire his side to the Division One title said: “It’s a massive honour to be recognised by my peers and I’m very humbled. I’m glad I’ve had a good season to help the team get promoted, it’s been a great year.”

Happy with how his first season at the club has gone, he said: “It’s been a great season for me. I’ve settled in with the manager and my team mates who have helped to motivate me. Previously, when I played for Hendon, we were fighting off relegation, I wasn’t sure how this team would perform when I got here, but, we’ve overachieved according to a lot of people and I can’t wait for the Premier Division.”

Confident they can make an impact in the top flight next season, he said: “I think we’ll need to add a few names over the summer. We’ll miss some of the boys who are going off to University which will weaken the team, but I think if we perform to our standards, we’ll be able to compete with anyone. Me and the rest of the boys are looking forward to the challenge next season, so bring it on! I can’t wait for next season. Hopefully next season I can come back and win Player of the Year!

Full Role Call:

Premier Division:
Winners: North London Raiders A
Runners-up: Hendon United A

Division One:
Winners: Redbridge Jewish Care B
Runners-up: North London Raiders B

Division Two:
Winners: FC Team B
Runners-up: AC Mill Hill

Division Three:
Winners: London Rovers
Runners-up: Real Sosobad

Peter Morrison Trophy:
Hendon United A

Cyril Anekstein Cup:
North London Raiders A

Minor Cup:
FC Team B

Premier Division Player of the Year (Player of the Year):
Liron Mannie (North London Raiders A)

Young Player of the Year:
Daniel Garfinkle (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

Division One Player of the Year:
Sam Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care B)

Division Two Player of the Year:
Lorian Madanes (FC Team B)

Division Three Player of the Year:
Adam Ellis (Shacharit Donetsk)

Team Secretary of the Year:
Vyvyan Emaunel (London Rovers)

Referee of the Year:
Neil Cooper

Susan Lyon Memorial Trophy – leading goalscorer
36 goals Adam Ellis (Shacharit Donetsk)
32 goals (Daniel Garfinkle (Redbridge B)
26 goals Avi Markiewicz (London Rovers)

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Russell Corin (Hendon United A)

Team manager of the Year:
Rob Richman (North London Raiders A)

Sportsmanship/turnout award:
13.47 points (out of 15) – North London Raiders B
13.32 – Shacharit Donetsk / London Maccabi Lions Green
13.21 – London Rovers
13.13 – Hendon United A / FC Team B

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