Letters to the Editor: ‘Why was I was barred from exhibit?’

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Letters to the Editor: ‘Why was I was barred from exhibit?’

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Rabbi Herschel Gluck with two guests at the exhibition
Rabbi Herschel Gluck with two guests at the exhibition

Why was I was barred from exhibit?

I applied for a ticket to the event at the Eton Road mosque (Jewish News 24 January) as my knowledge of the Holocaust in Albania is minimal. When I arrived, at the venue I was told my name was not on the list.

I asked why and was told it could be an administrative error. I asked for more information and was told it was unavailable. I said I am Jewish and all were invited, but this fell on deaf ears. I explained my reasons for being there and pointed out that the title of the exhibition was ‘Love Your Neighbour’. Apparently they did not love me. I was upset at being turned away. Maybe my mistake was saying I’m a Zionist. It seemed the community in Redbridge was told not to say why I was denied entry.

Certainly there were other Jews admitted but not me.

This exhibition was sponsored by Yad Vashem. I explained my family perished in the Holocaust, but that too fell on deaf ears.

Even when I needed the toilet, I was refused entry to the building.

Warren Grynberg, Barkingside

Yes, we can count on brave Rachel

Regarding the article “Riley reveals her personal fight against antisemitism”, (Jewish News 17 January), Rachel Riley should be congratulated on her efforts to combat abhorrent behaviour.

Antisemites generally are enjoying the life of Riley at present, freely spouting their cruel, racist remarks on social media and other forms of communication.

Yes, some of the politicians are eventually sanctioned, but this is often mild and hardly acts as a deterrent.

Most just carry on poisoning society with their invective and, as in this case, seek to paint those like Ms Riley as perpetrators rather than victims. In particular, she has been accused of being a bully who is spreading smears.

When it comes to antisemitism, an appropriate “smear test” definition is “any demonisation of, prejudice against and hostility to Jews and the state of Israel which merely seeks to spread the cancer of antisemitism”. Ms Riley is using her status to counter such accusations publicly and campaign against this racism.

J D Milaric, By email

Hadassah sets example

I have an addition to your recent coverage of the example set by hospitals in the field of co-existence, Hadassah Mount Scopus and Wolfson Hospital in Holon being the ones quoted.

My daughter is an ICU nurse in the Carmel Hospital in Haifa. When we visited to celebrate the BeneMitzvot of our grandchildren, we were introduced to both Arab and Jewish doctors and nurses who work together in amity  towards their aim of caring for all regardless of faith or ethnicity.

On one occasion, our daughter received an urgent call from the hospital to help free up a bed to accommodate a patient from Gaza in need of intensive care.

Alan Miller, N20

Corbyn’s sickening stunt

Can there be anything and anyone more abhorrent, disgusting and hypocritical than Jeremy Corbyn being pictured signing the Holocaust Memorial book?

This is the man who, as reported in Jewish News, laid a wreath near terrorists who butchered Israeli Olympic athletes yet now cries crocodile tears for the slaughter of six million Jews on one particular day of the year.

Let no one think the Jewish community and wider “decent” public haven’t seen through this sham of a stage-managed propaganda stunt.

Russell Ballen, By email

Netta brings joy to us all

Thanks should go out to all right-thinking people who champion Netta Barzilai.

Having won the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, she is leaving happy smiling faces everywhere she performs and her forthcoming appearance at Carnegie Hall in March will no doubt be very special – hopefully recorded for all to enjoy.

This appreciation of Netta does not of course include those who wish to interrupt her performances with their antisemitic anti-Israel slogans, insulting one of Israel’s best cultural exports to date.

It is beholden to the Israeli organisers of this year’s Eurovision contest to ensure the event is truly spectacular and presents visually both Tel Aviv and Israel in general as the beautiful and democratic nation that it is.

Stephen Vishnick, Tel Aviv

The value of volunteers

May I take one small issue with Leonie Lewis’s piece on 24 January about her 12-year legacy working for the Jewish Volunteer Network. It’s not only charities benefiting from skilled volunteers but also schools and private enterprise. The Baby Boom generation brings relevant skills that would be wasteful to discard. I like to think that in some small measure, I have made a contribution to my non-charitable organisation as a volunteer. I’m certain there are many charities and  volunteers who owe Ms  Lewis a tremendous debt of gratitude for arranging many successful “marriages” and on their behalf may we wish her a fulfilling retirement. If she’s looking for work, The London School of Jewish Studies Library would be happy to have her services!

Michael Roodyn, By email


Help perform the greatest mitzvah: save a life

While life in Israel has returned to normal and hopes are high that Britain is set for a summer without restrictions thanks to vaccines, for billions around the world there is no such imminent light at the end of the tunnel. In the majority of countries around the globe, particularly the poorest, the vaccine rollout has barely kicked off.

That's why Jewish News, the leading source of news and opinion for the entire UK community, is throwing its full weight behind UNICEF’s VaccinAid campaign by using this platform usually reserved for encouraging donations towards our own journalism to instead urge our readers around the globe to perform the greatest mitzvah: saving a life.

We have never before done this for any charity fundraiser but it's hard to recall a campaign that affects so many people, and indeed an entire planet aching for a return to normality. Just like the Chief Rabbi and Rachel Riley, we hope to boost the mission to deliver two billion vaccines, 165 million treatments and 900 million test kits around the world by the end of this year.

Please donate as much as you can, in the spirit of the Talmudic sages: “to save one life is to save the world entire”

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