Letters to the Editor: ‘Where’s kosher footie food?’

Letters to the Editor: ‘Where’s kosher footie food?’

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Spurs and West Ham fans during the London derby
Spurs and West Ham fans during the London derby

Give Trump time to get it right

I’m thoroughly angered and sickened at the almost daily criticism and verbal attacks on US President Donald Trump from so many different quarters -— chiefly from his own country, Great Britain and Europe.

Everyone appears to want his head on a plate for each and every move he makes to govern and do the almost impossible job he has to do to correct, deal with, sort out and resolve seemingly unresolvable problems -– issues his predecessors both in his own country and abroad, have failed to put right.

President Trump was elected for his promises to deal with a multitude of very dangerous and difficult tasks that no one else seems to get to grips with, let alone deal with, and this has been evident for decades.

Trump is totally right in everything he has attempted so far but, woefully, every attempt has so far been frustrated by all manner of layabouts who have nothing else to do; by those who should know better but thwart his every move for reasons known only to themselves.

Unless President Trump is left alone to deal with all the world’s dangerous ailments, this overcrowded planet is in grave danger.

Isaac Cohen, Bushey

Remember who our real friends are: the ulster protestants and tories

Well done Jewish News for reprinting your 2014 article on the DUP online. It is worth remembering who our friends are: the Ulster Protestants are both friendly to the Northern Ireland Jewish community and supportive of Israel.

It is also important to recognise staunch friends such as Mike Freer in Finch–ley and Matthew Offord in Hendon should not have been compromised by Johnny-come-latelies who stood against them as if to say that the community doesn’t value them – at the same time giving succour to Jeremy Corbyn, the ‘friend’ of Hamas.

This is a different case from long-standing Jewish MPs who have been saddled with a leader who should be beyond the pale.

Rabbi Menahem Lester, London and Israel

Mazeltov for denying corbyn victory

I was relieved and delighted that Labour candidates Jeremy Newmark and Mike Katz were not elected in heavily Jewish constituencies to give Jeremy Corbyn yet more support.

If the so-called Jewish vote helped to deny Labour a general election victory, we have much to be proud of.

Sidney Sands, By email

Where’s kosher footie food?

A year from now and the new Tottenham stadium will open for business. Boasting its own micro- brewery, cheese making facilities and fine dining, it will be one of the most sophisticated stadiums in Europe.

Ten years ago the new Emirates Stadium opened for business for the red half of north London. Each has a capacity of 60,000 fans, while just up the road in Wembley, the national stadium holds 90,000. Given that at least half of the games and other events held at each of these stadiums (by my rough estimation some 30 to 40 per year), including most of the televised and European games, are held on Sundays and weekdays and are attended by a large Jewish support base, it is surprising that there is not a single kosher food outlet at any of them.

This is in stark contrast to the major sports stadiums in North America, in both New York and Los Angeles, where kosher fare is on hand and has proven to be popular not just among Jewish fans.

A single kosher franchise to take in the three stadiums, with an appropriate kashrut certificate, would be welcomed by many Jewish sports fans in north London.

David Newman, NW8

Ruling will cause problems

Regarding El Al being told not to let female passengers be relocated due to the wishes of Charedi customers, while nobody should be forced to move I see no problem with a polite request to do so. Charedi men will likely be forced to sit next to ladies, presumably to create a gender-blind society.

Martin Stern, Salford

My Poem about Manchester attack

I would like to share the

following poem with readers about the recent tragic events in Manchester.

Today there are no words,

only endless tears of despair.

Horror caused by human hand and people who do not care.

An evening arranged and waited for carefully.

Young lives excited by the pleasure ahead.

Erased by a man with a

Pictures of smiling faces, shown full of brightness and hope, never to fullfil their potential, wiped away in a single stroke.

A mother’s cry for her daughter touched every human heart.

The world cannot stand by and wait.

We all must play our part.

Dee Stein, By email

Voters saw cynical ploy

Jeremy Newmark is either delusional or in denial if he thinks only tribal Tories were concerned about his candidacy in Finchley and Golders Green and that of Mike Katz in Hendon. There were many traditional Jewish Labour voters who had grave doubts.

Like a scene from Life of Brian, when the candidacies of Hendon and Finchley were discussed, you can imagine Jeremy Corbyn saying: ‘I have a bright idea comrades. Why don’t Jews fight these seats to make us look good in the Jewish community?’ Jewish voters saw through this cynical manoeuvring by Corbyn and his allies.

Ze’ev Portner, Golders Green

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