Letters to the editor: ‘Trump’s substance over style’

Letters to the editor: ‘Trump’s substance over style’

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US President Donald Trump inspects the Guard of Honour during a Ceremonial Welcome at Buckingham Palace, London, on day one of his three day state visit to the UK. Photo credit: Toby Melville/PA Wire
US President Donald Trump inspects the Guard of Honour during a Ceremonial Welcome at Buckingham Palace, London, on day one of his three day state visit to the UK. Photo credit: Toby Melville/PA Wire

Trump’s substance over style

As president of the Board of Deputies I spoke out against Donald Trump’s rancorous and divisive language. I wish it were otherwise but he remains a divisive figure.

His style can be unattractive and frankly unbecoming of the high office he holds.

At the same time I believe he has made the right calls on key issues for the Jewish world, such as opening the American embassy in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem and rejecting the dangerous agreement on Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.

He has rightly moved away from Barack Obama’s policies which radiated weakness and appeasement and were strikingly hostile to Israel.

Trump understands the special relationship between the US and the UK, which Obama did not. Our countries are natural allies and friends. That is why we should accord him the welcome that is proper for an American president.

His visit gives our government an opportunity to strengthen the areas on which we agree and at the same time emphasise our views on matters where we don’t, which is exactly what should happen between countries who are friends.

Jonathan Arkush, Former President, Board of Deputies.

Equalities watchdog probe into labour is better late than never

Regarding the equalities watchdog launching a full probe into claims of Labour antisemitism, well, better late than never (Jewish News, 30 May 2019).

It is hoped that the veil will be lifted and the denial of institutional antisemitism by the upper echelons of the Labour Party and their members will be unmasked.

With news that this investigation might take at least a year, I trust it does not imitate the seemingly never-ending investigation by the Labour Party itself, regarding outbursts by Ken Livingstone, who had the audacity to state openly that Hitler was a Zionist sympathiser.

Since the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn, the £3 party joining fee has seen many fellow travellers gather around him.

Now the emperor is no longer wearing any clothes, let’s hope the truth will be be revealed and will, in turn, significantly damage him.

Stephen Vishnick, Tel Aviv

Thanks for voting, Barnet

To the 27,423 Barnet residents who voted for us in the recent European Elections, a huge thank you for your vote in confidence. Your support really matters.

As the Tories and Labour continue to look inwards and fight among themselves, our country has been left listless. Investments have frozen, industries are closing and jobs will be lost if we continue to allow Brexit to happen.

Here in Barnet, our three Conservative MPs, sitting on small majorities, must now stop ignoring the legitimate concerns that all residents of Barnet, not just the 62 percent who voted Remain, have over the damage Brexit is doing to our economy and society.

With the Leave vote merely switching from the purple of UKIP to the cyan of the Brexit Party, the call from residents to stop Brexit is now loud and clear. Barnet values international connections, trade and the environment. So do we. Thanks once again for putting your faith in Sir Vince Cable’s (pictured) party. We will continue fighting on your side from the issues on your street to our membership of the European Union.

Alasdair Hill, Barnet Liberal Democrats

Why apply for a German passport?

We read about the recurring antisemitism in Germany, that it’s wise not wear a scull cap or anything that shows you’re Jewish.

So it amazes me that Jews are applying for German passports, in case we leave the EU. Why they wish to live in Germany is beyond me. Is the history of that nation not enough to warn them of what is taking place, there and in other parts of Europe? We here are not too far away from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who some view as antisemitic, becoming prime minister. Let’s hope this will not happen.

Sidney Sands, Finchley

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