Letters to the Editor: ‘Trump’s a flawed but true friend’

Letters to the Editor: ‘Trump’s a flawed but true friend’

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An election campaign billboard of the ruling Likud party reading 'Netanyahu is a different league' shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and US President Donald Trump (L)
An election campaign billboard of the ruling Likud party reading 'Netanyahu is a different league' shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and US President Donald Trump (L)

Trump’s a flawed but true friend

I was delighted to read a short but highly significant item in a recent edition headlined “Trump recognises Israeli ‘sovereignty’ over Golan” (Jewish News, 28 March).

Many people (Jewish and otherwise), do not have a good word to say about the US president.

However, while I consider that much of what he says is wrong, disrespectful and even incendiary, he reminds me of Megillah Ecclesiastes 7.20 – “For there is not a just man upon Earth that doeth good, and sinneth not.”

The reverse is surely true of President Trump, especially in his dealings with Israel.

Recently, on 25 March, Trump recognised Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

On 9 May last year, he pulled the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal, while on 6 December 2017, he affirmed the USA’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The American Embassy has now been relocated there from Tel Aviv.

I don’t condone much of what President Trump says and does, but recognise he is a true friend of Israel.

The verse in Ecclesiastes applies to many other politicians and world leaders – who don’t have a good word to say about Israel.

J D Milaric, By email

Putting Begum with Beresheet cheapens Israel’s space success

Your correspondent Simon Aaron still does not seem to grasp the point of my original letter.

This was not just that Shamima Begum was an easy target but that the cartoon featured Beresheet, the Israeli moonshot, and Israel is a country not involved with the issue of whether Britons who joined ISIS should lose their citizenship.

Surely we should be applauding Israel’s successful moon launch, not using it for propaganda.

Kay Bagon, Herts

Help AJEX identify these heroes

AJEX Archives is seeking the family of two men. The first is Pte John Fileman, Royal Sussex Reg, of 27 Highbury Place, London, believed died or killed on 4 Oct 1914. He is not remembered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and we are seeking a correction.

The second is John Myer Fileman, Essex Reg, killed Kohima, Burma, 13 May 1944 – a cross on his grave may be wrong.

Contact martin.sugarman@yahoo.co.uk or call 07806 656756 if you have information about these men.

Martin Sugarman, AJEX Archivist

Support your safe haven

Although I have sympathy with your reader Janet Maltz (Letters, Jewish News, 4 April), I for one am not surprised at the low level of Jewish support she experienced at the recent demo carried out by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

It appears that in the UK where matters regarding Israel are concerned, that giant of a nation in the Middle East can be left to stand on its own two feet and its people left to support themselves.

However, as far as British Jews are concerned, many have traditionally voted Labour.

Although they might now vote otherwise at any future election, their protestations against anti-Zionist and anti-Israel views have previously been somewhat muted to say the least, and at times their silence unfortunately has been quite deafening.

We are faced with the turmoil created by the Brexit negotiations, meaning an election might come about soon. With the possibility of a shoo-in for Jeremy Corbyn, it is time for concerted action to galvanise collective Jewish minds, as what was once considered a nightmare might indeed become reality.

British Jews should stand proud in their support for Israel, as it might turn out to be a safe haven.

Stephen Vishnick, Israel

Kindertransport appeal

I’m trying to make contact with women who came on the Kindertransport or whose family did and lived at Wyberley Ladies Convalescent Home in Burgess Hill.

This would have been sometime between 1 January 1939 and early 1941 and we would like the details because a commemorative information board is being put up in early June near where the house stood.

My email is Lcurbach@aol.com,

Lesley Urbach, London N3

Over-emotion at border deaths

Roger Water’s criticism of Israel as ‘the murderer of children by cowards with sniper rifles from behind fortified positions’ asserts Jewish soldiers are murdering infants.

Considering shots are fired into crowds intent on storming the border of Israel with all that that implies, his certainty such deaths were intentional is over-emotional and a huge presumption.

Nor then should the idea that such an act reflects the policy of a country be tacked on to this assertion.

Simon van Someren, By email

Much more than tomatoes

Two letter writers on 28 March, Angela Goldstein and Mervyn Smith, reached the same conclusion: today’s youth is ignorant of the facts surrounding Israel’s birth and current situation.

There is a charity, Middle East Education (www.middleeastedu.co.uk) that exists in order to fulfil this need.

Its speakers, a Muslim and a Jew give balanced talks together about the subject of ‘Arab-Israeli Conflict, Both Sides of the Story’.

Its once very-generous donation is no longer adequate, as the demand from schools around the country, both mainstream and independent, as well as Jewish and non-Jewish, has grown so much during the last year, that the charity has had to curtail its work owing to lack of adequate funding.

While imparting knowledge on Israel’s inventions, such as the USB and cherry tomato is important, imparting the facts of Israel’s history is even more urgently needed.

Nomi Benari, By email

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