Letters to the Editor: The killing of George Floyd

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Letters to the Editor: The killing of George Floyd

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George Floyd (Credit: Twitter)
George Floyd (Credit: Twitter)

The killing of George Floyd

Your lead article last week stated: “Derek Chauvin knelt on us all.” He may have metaphorically knelt on you, but not on me. Where is your sympathy for an African–American hero who didn’t go to jail five times like Mr Floyd?

David Dorn, a black police officer, was shot dead by looters in riots last week. Where are the tributes to him, a decent family man who lost his life protecting a friend’s shop? Your liberal view prevents your brain from seeing the truth. The majority of police are not racist. The majority of society is not racist. Jewish News, you do not speak in my name.

Mark Kaye, Elstree

The despicable killing of George Floyd is teaching the Jewish community in the UK as well as wider British society several important lessons.

We should be proud that, as a country and as a community, we are responding quickly and in due measure to this racist murder.

Some good will come of his death. We are beginning as a country to face up to the fact that many of our cities were built on slavery. We are looking again at bias in our school and university curriculums. And we will, surely, welcome black worshippers into our synagogues more warmly and unquestioningly in the future.

Fraya Asserson, By email

Rabbi Pinter’s views on Judaism were in line with Mr Friedman’s

Jenni Frazer says Rabbi Avrohom Pinter “recognised there was more than one way of being Jewish” as opposed to David M Friedman, who expressed the view secular Judaism is not a Jewish option. On behalf of Rabbi Pinter’s family who probably don’t read your newspaper, I would like to correct the record. Rabbi Pinter’s views were totally in line with David Freidman’s – you are doing him a grave disservice.

While agreeing with Mr Friedman’s argument that Jews don’t have the monopoly on kindness, charity or social justice, she explains Jews have loving kindness. Have I missed something?

Ann Cohen, Golders Green

Do protest, just don’t loot

Of course black lives matter. As the Chief Rabbi said, it is shameful this even needs stating. But how can we as a community support this worthy cause when so many synagogues and Jewish businesses have been looted in recent days by those claiming to be protesting George Floyd’s violent death? Justifiable protest is one thing, mindless thuggery something else entirely.

Adam Brookman, By email 

Your list showed bias

Andrew Gilbert, a longtime Labour activist, says a good list must not “seem to be unbalanced or biased”. Presumably he will therefore concede that Jewish News’ 40 Under Forty, which was almost entirely devoid of Conservatives, is actually not a good list at all.

Perhaps next time, Jewish News might just call it the 40 Top Labour Jews and drop the charade that it actually represents the diversity of activity in our community.

Nizza Fluss, Conservative councillor, Hendon

I enjoyed reading your 40 Under Forty and must admit I was amazed at the achievements of these incredible young people. Many of them, it must be said, have huge support from parents, grandparents, teachers and the wider Jewish community, perhaps through youth or family networks.

Can we also raise a glass to the Jews who done wonderful things for others later in life – in their 40s, 50s and beyond – often without themselves having benefited from support in their formative years?

Manny Pearl, NW6

Aren’t Jews least racist?

Was Adam Brookman’s letter last week criticising Jews in their relationships with black people really needed? Generally speaking, Jews, with their Holocaust history, are likely to be the most understanding and least racist of any group.

To call on them to “reach out to black communities and build bridges and friendship” implies that they are not doing this and are thus racist. This is profoundly not the case.

As I watch the marches and riots on TV, however, I see people calling for the death of Jews and Israel, I see Black Lives Matter promoting BDS [the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement], I see people daubing and destroying synagogues and hear them blaming Jews for everything including Covid-19. As much as Jews should reach out to the black community, the latter is surely duty bound to reach out to Jews in friendship.

Adrian Korsner, North Finchley

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