Letters to the editor: JWA’s reply was hard-hitting

Letters to the editor: JWA’s reply was hard-hitting

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JWA’s reply was hard-hitting

I would like to congratulate Jewish Women’s Aid on its recent robust reply to the mother who complained about the use of a survivor’s harrowing experience of sexual violence in Jewish News [27 June].

The reply was beautifully written; hard-hitting yet completely logical in its arguments. I have forwarded it to a number of my colleagues as an example of how to challenge those who deny that domestic violence and sexual abuse exists.

Dr Hilary Abrahams, Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Gender and Violence Research, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

You’re in the dog house

Walk around central London – or any major UK city – today and you will see homeless people sleeping in doorways or on park benches. Many of the homeless are ex-military who have been discarded by society despite having served their country in some of the most hostile places on earth, Afghanistan and Iraq. A large number of these ex-service men and women also suffer from mental health issues.

And, due to almost 10 years of austerity, an increasing number of people – the working poor – are having to use food banks because their zero-hours contracts and Universal Credit simply do not cover the cost of feeding themselves or their families. Elderly people – many in our own community – have to face the stark choice in the winter of having to choose between paying for food, heat or medicines.

So, it was obscene that last week, Jewish News chose to publish a full page on how to pamper your “Jewish dog”, what ever that is (The Chosen Ones, 11 July). With so much strife affecting humans, how can the paper I look forward to reading every week publish such an indulgence? People are starving and have died on the streets. We don’t need to be informed about where your mutt can have luxury walkies. Who’s not a good boy, then?

Ronnie Silver, Hendon

Labour lapse   

The Labour Party has attacked Tom Watson for criticising Jennie Formby for her role in denying antisemitism in the party while she is having treatment for breast cancer. Has the Labour Party forgotten its onslaught on Luciana Berger when she was heavily pregnant?

N Kessel, By email

Photo bombed

Your columnist Ella Rose’s article about defeating hatred and bigotry in relation to the annual London Pride march (Jewish News, 11 July) would have had
a great deal more impact if she wasn’t proudly displaying a Labour Party logo in the accompanying picture alongside her piece.

Jonathan Roland, By email

Panorama was no surprise

Are we really surprised at the latest revelations with regard to the process of dealing with antisemitism within the upper echelons of the Labour Party?

We have now had numerous opportunities to expose the true character of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition.

A danger and a disgrace are damning, but don’t go nearly far enough after examining his very long record to date – which includes sharing platforms with and promoting various anti-Israel terrorist groups. This must be perceived as his true attitude and deep
beliefs regarding Zionism, Jews in general and Israel’s right to exist.

The time to act is now, especially with the Brexit issues that have been inflicted on the Conservative Party, which despite  Labour’s confusing policy on the subject could offer them a shoo-in at the next general election.

Should the dark scenario occur of a Corbyn-led Labour government, the phrase “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” might have more than a modicum of truth
about it.

Stephen Vishnick, Tel Aviv

  • Clarification: Last week’s letter by David Burrowes criticised Labour MP  Bambos Charalambous for not calling for the whip to be withdrawn from Chris Williamson. Jewish News is happy to clarify that, as a member of the Labour Whip’s team, Charalambous is precluded from making public comments or declarations on disciplinary matters.
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