Letters to the Editor: ‘Help find families of heroes’

Letters to the Editor: ‘Help find families of heroes’

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Those attending the AJEX Parade remember the fallen Jewish soldiers
Those attending the AJEX Parade remember the fallen Jewish soldiers

Help find families of heroes

The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women’s archives is searching for members of the families of the following Jewish servicemen who took part in the capture of the German guns at Merville on the night before D Day 1944 with the 9th Paras.

Please contact me at martin.sugarman@yahoo.co.uk if you can help:

J Goldstone, A Pinkus, Max Hutton (aka Horwitz Haff who used a Scottish ‘nomme de guerre’ and owned a tailor shop in E1.)

Martin Sugarman, AJEX Archives

A cheap outpouring of hatred

I’ve always respected Jewish News for the diversity of its  letters and opinion columns, to which I’m proud to be a regular contributor.

While I strongly disagree with many of the views expressed (as do many readers with my own), I find it commendable that you provide a democratic forum for issues of concern to Anglo-Jewry to be openly debated.

However, I believe a red line is dangerously crossed when insidious little letters slip through the publication net gratuitously lambasting strictly-Orthodox communities. The ignorant diatribes occasionally appearing from the likes of Noach Bright and A.W. Kaye, purporting to be from Stamford Hill, are devoid of any intelligent or rational argument (Jewish News, 21 December). They are merely a cheap outpouring of hatred and insulting prejudice against Chasidim and other Charedi groups which, if expressed in such terms  in the non-Jewish press or social media, would be condemned as racist and anti-Semitic.

The authors of such letters are likely to be highly frustrated individuals – possibly even self-hating Jews.

Whatever their hang-ups, their perverse rantings have no place in any decent publication, still less in a respected Jewish newspaper such as Jewish News.

Brian Gordon, Edgware


Lineker blames wrong side

The “abuse of human rights” TV presenter Gary Lineker blamed on Israel [Jewish News 21 December], can be squarely laid at the Palestinian Authority, which encourages young children to throw stones, firebombs and other dangerous missiles and put them in harm’s way.

As a footballer, he may like to encourage the initiative of having Israeli and Palestinian youngsters playing football together. This way they learn to know and respect each other rather than see the other as an enemy.

Nitza Sarner, NW8

Unhealthy obsession

With regards, sex and sexuality, when your columnist Brian Gordon refers to the great protection of rabbinical teachings (Jewish News, 21 December) I presume he means the Babylonian Talmud – described by scholar Professor Rosen-Zvi as follows: “Peering at the world through sexual lenses, they see sex all around them… Biblical events are loaded with sexual content in the Bavli, even when there is scarce basis for that in the Bible itself.”

The last vestiges of religious social control by men tends to manifest itself in the bedroom.

As a result, in the absence of being able to legislate for any other aspects of behaviour, men like Mr Gordon seem to be the ones who end up with the unhealthy obsession.

Not those of us working for equality and justice for all, educating about healthy, respectful and loving relationships and have managed to wrestle our wonderful religion into the 21st century.

Rabbi Neil Janes, West London Synagogue

Confused & bigoted driver

You reported about a van driver being caught on film yelling “Hitler was a great man, he knew what he was doing” in a road rage incident in London’s Stamford Hill (Jewish News Online, 27 December).

After being caught and convicted, someone should educate this bigoted black driver that Hitler wasn’t the biggest fan of his race either.

Russell Ballen, By email

When actions speak louder than words

Noah Bright’s letter (Jewish News, 15 December) in response to a call for strictly-Orthodox and secular Jews to work together was interesting. Here in Southend and Westcliff, young Chassidim have been moving into the town for the last 18 months. We have found them to be highly intelligent and willing to communicate with the community. They offer various organisation skills that are remarkable in light of the short space of time they have been here. Their actions speak louder than words. They work together with the wardens to ensure a minyan is available in the community three times a day. They visit the sick, help our rabbi and certainly know how to party and celebrate!

Geoffrey Pepper, Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation

Respect goes both ways

Brian Gordon’s column “Time to end absurdity threatening our religion” (Jewish News, 21 December), contained a very important final sentence.

Referring to our Torah and rabbinical teachings, he states: “Those who cannot personally identify with them should at least respect and understand those who do.”

My response is that likewise, those who do personally identify with them should at least respect and understand those who do not.

Mutual respect, tolerance and understanding would go a long way towards helping the Jewish community in the UK and elsewhere reduce strife within families and between friends.

It would also help us, wherever possible, present a united front on many vital issues confronting the Jewish people today.

J D Milaric, By email

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