Letters to the Editor: ‘Decision on Begum’s citizenship is entirely right’

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Letters to the Editor: ‘Decision on Begum’s citizenship is entirely right’

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Shamima Begum
Shamima Begum

Decision on Shamima Begum’s citizenship is entirely right

In reply to the esteemed academic Geoffrey Alderman, I completely agree with the special immigration appeals commission’s decision to dismiss Shamima Begum’s appeal against the government’s move to revoke her
citizenship. I would be happy to be considered a second-class citizen by virtue of holding Israeli citizenship in addition to British citizenship. Jews have suffered worse fates during 1850 years in the golah (diaspora).

Melvyn Smallman, NW4

Merger a sign of the times

I understand the sound resoning behind the decision to merge Jewish News with the Jewish Chronicle.

These are tough times for newspapers in general – and they will only get tougher. I’m in my 50s and even most of my peers, who grew up with newsprint on their fingers while sipping their morning coffee, have stopped paying for print.

The options when it comes to news sources is now staggering and old media, while still respected, is simply unable to keep up with the digital revolution.

My much-loved local newspaper, once the heartbeat of my community, closed down years ago and has not been replaced.

Without journalists holding them to daily account, I shudder to think what my local councillors are getting up to behind the scenes.

I hope that the result of this coming together of our leading media brands will be a stronger, louder, prouder and even more effective mouthpiece for British Jewry at a time when, despite the downfall of Corbynism, it is most needed.

Sidney Samuels, By email

Rabbi holds audacious opinions

Rabbi Pete Tobias’ column last week had the audacity to criticise God’s behaviour, and went on to state that the Torah was written by some person 600 years after the exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt.

This comes as a surprise to me and no doubt many other readers who know God wrote the Torah which was given to the Jewish nation in the year following the exodus.

Could he please let us know – where does his information come from?

Ann Cohen, Golders Green

Carnival ‘horrendous’

We live in an era of hatred and ignorance. Every day we see various cases of hate speech and how it destroys lives, homes and communities. It benefits from violence and political extremism, as well as long-lasting conspiracy theories.

Antisemitism, alongside slurs directed against other ethnic and religious groups, prevents the existence of a peaceful discourse and averts stability. The most recent example was from the horrendous shows displayed at the carnival event in Belgium.

Amber Amos, By email

The recent carnival in Belgium featuring antisemitic fancy dress has left me speechless. Isn’t a carnival supposed to be fun? How can it even be close to fun when it offends and violates Jewish people?

Even living in London I personally felt threatened – I don’t even want to think about the worry and fear Jews in Belgium might be feeling.

Mrs D Singleton, By email

Act tough on propaganda

I write in reference to your issue dated 27 February, in which you reported on Amazon removing Nazi propaganda for sale on its online platform.

Any racial hatred material against any religion, that relates to DVDs/CDs/books/magazines being sold, the sellers, publishers and distributors should be liable to prosecution for peddling this. This is not free speech but pure hatred.

Richard Davis, Finchley

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