Letters to the Editor: Creator versus country?

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Letters to the Editor: Creator versus country?

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Keshet UK Pride picture from 2017, with a Jewish member of the march wearing a kippah, alongside another with an Israel flag. (Jewish News)
Keshet UK Pride picture from 2017, with a Jewish member of the march wearing a kippah, alongside another with an Israel flag. (Jewish News)

Creator versus country?

Regarding the ongoing dispute about teaching LGBT issues in Jewish schools, the schools are absolutely correct in upholding Torah principles, laid down by Hashem, regarding human relationships. But there is another strategy to consider in defending the rights of the people to have their children educated according to Torah, which is a command in itself from Hashem.

Ofsted is citing the Equality Act 2010 as the basis for their insistence on educating children into ungodly relationships. However, the Equality Act was predated, by decades, by the Human Rights Act, Article 9, in which freedom of religion is expressly protected.

The new Equality Act does not supersede the Human Rights Act, which is ‘universal’, and the UK is a signatory to it.

The truth is this debate is not about Jewish schools (or any faith school for that matter) but the word of Hashem Himself. I suggest the narrative in this debate needs changing.

It is the UK against Hashem. I have been praying and thinking about this situation a lot which grieves me greatly. I believe that the strategy is to change the narrative and deflect the argument directly against God.

Howard Stern, By email

Wondrous Windermere film

I felt blessed to be able to see the BBC film Windermere’s Children on iPlayer. It was wonderful to see actors recreate the fear and loneliness these young survivors must have felt on arriving in Britain in August 1945.

Towards the end, I found it particularly moving when footage of the real-life survivors, now in their late eighties and nineties, was superimposed on film of the youngsters, followed by testimony from these individuals.

Thank you to the BBC for making this superb programme. But why was it only on iPlayer for a month from Holocaust Memorial Day? I see it expires on 26 February.

This film should be seen by everyone.

Frayda Asserson, By email

Yeshiva concern is far wider

I write in response to last week’s front page story about uninspected London yeshivas and safeguarding efforts being made by Hackney Council. There is a large strictly-Orthodox Jewish population here in Salford so I would encourage you to widen your coverage of this important issue. I’m certain it goes way beyond the capital.

Arnie Ableson, Salford


I wholeheartedly agree with Rachelle Marks’ letter “Tottenham must be rid of Yid” (Jewish News, 20 February 2020). The problem is that some Jewish people, especially Spurs supporters, don’t object at all. Many Jewish Spurs fans are proud of being referred to as part of the “Yid army”.

I don’t care who utters such words – they’re offensive and malicious in any circumstances. With racism rife at some football grounds, this problem won’t go away until Jewish fans disown such terms.

J D Milaric, By email

Applause for papers’ merger

I’m a regular reader who has delivered your newspaper for many years to fellow residents in my block of flats. The idea of a merger between Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle is understandable and I look forward to this innovation.

It is a first class idea to strengthen and secure the futures of both titles. I look forward to this coming together with eagerness and anticipation.

Stanley Fox, Kenton, Wembley, Willesden AJEX

Full picture

I write concerning the unidentified 1950s wedding photographs in last week’s edition, taken by letter writer Harry Sassoon’s late grandfather. I can reveal the happy wedding couple are Harry and Vivienne Lauer. Mr Lauer passed away some years ago, while Mrs Lauer lives in Israel. I hope this is of help.

Jasmine Bandel, By email

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