Letters to the Editor: ‘Corbyn will go or I’ll eat a hat’

Letters to the Editor: ‘Corbyn will go or I’ll eat a hat’

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Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn will go or I’ll eat a hat

I couldn’t be happier for Michael Foster (Jewish News, 12 June).
Like all Labour MP and other rats who wanted to jump a sinking ship before the election such as Sadiq Khan, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna, his hypocrisy stinks.

True socialists every one of them – until the first sign of possible power, and all their principles go out the window.

Mr Foster thinks Corbyn must continue to stamp out anti-Semitism within Labour. Continue? When did he start? Mr Foster claimed: “Jeremy knows he will be prime minister soon”, even though the next election could be in five years, by which time Corbyn will have come and gone. If not, I’ll eat one of Mr Foster’s spare hats.

Russell Ballen, By email

The time for campaigning for israel’s benefit is between elections not during 

You quote a survey by the Anti-Defamation League of anti-Semitic attitudes (Jewish News, 2 June 2017). One aspect mentioned is that one-third of those questioned believe British Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the UK.

I don’t know if this perception matches reality, but I’m convinced the Board of Deputies’ document, The Jewish Manifesto, gives succour to that perception. In its 44 pages, the word “Britain” appears twice, the phrase “UK” three times and the words “Israel” or “Israeli” 62 times.

The Board’s document has many good points regarding how we, as British Jews, need to have a government that will address our concerns over our Jewish way of life in this country, e.g. brit milah, shechita, faith schools and protection for visiting to schools, synagogues and other Jewish institutions.

It is not unreasonable either when the document states any UK government ought to promote peace in the Middle East.

But when it talks of the security, prosperity of and equality within Israel, it is stepping in to less appropriate territory.

It needs to be firmly reminded that for any General Election, citizens are expected to use their votes to elect a government we judge will be most beneficial to the UK.

The time for campaigning for Israel’s benefit ought to be between elections, not during.

L Tobe, Ilford

Clash of religions is to blame

In the Talmud, it is said: “If one comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Many of the terror acts in Israel are committed by Hamas-associated terrorists from Hebron (Sarura) (Jewish News, 2 June 2017).

The Israel Defence Forces are there to prevent the Jews in Israel being terrorised. The terrorists do not go for the Israeli Arabs.

In the 1960s I lived in Israel in a moshav on the border with Jordan. The terrorists, called Fedaiun, came from Jordan and killed my neighbour and devastated the family. There was no “occupation” then.

I assure Emily Hilton and her friends that behind their backs they are being laughed and mocked at by the very Arab Palestinians they support.

Had the Palestinians rejected terror and opted for peace in the 50 years since the war unleashed by Arab states on Israel, it would have been a blessings for all the populations. However, they are bent on the destruction of Israel. They will accept nothing else, mainly because Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel is against the Muslim faith. Even the Muslim liberals believe that Islam replaced Judaism.

When will the humanitarian living in affluent London understand that the problem is not “occupation” but clash of religions? Islam rejects Judaism and regards Jews as almost subhuman. Islam uses the Palestinians as a dagger in the heart of Israel.

Israel standing strong may eventually result in Islam reforming itself.
By siding with Israel’s enemies and the anti-Semites in Europe, Miss Hilton and her like-minded Jewish friends are taking the chance that it is they who will be rejected by the Jewish community in England.

Esther Nissimi, By email

We should carry on as normal

I’d like to share my poem on the recent terror attacks in the UK with Jewish News readers:

After the atrocities in Manchester and London
Our response should be to just carry on
Living life as normal
Not letting vile people
Who set out to kill
Normal people
At will
Succeed in making us all
Go about being fearful
Of them at all

In the face of any terrorist attack
That’s the best way of fighting back
They know this only too well
In our beloved Israel

Baruch Hashem there should be no more “afters”
In England or elsewhere for
any of us to contend with
And we can live normally

J D Milaric
By email

Comparison is ill-advised

I consider the article on Laura Janner-Klausner’s comments comparing Jewish ideology with Muslim terrorism to be ill-worded and ill-advised (Jewish News, 8 June 2017).

The very suggestion that there maybe terrorists in our community and comparing that supposition with the terror enabled by fanatics in the Islamic population is anathema.

She would be better advised commenting and strongly condemning the anti-Semitic cabal existing within the Labour/socialist community, which will now be more enabled in view of the Corbinystas’ successes in this month’s election.

Philip Platt
By email

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