Letters to the Editor: ‘Britain’s day of destiny’

Letters to the Editor: ‘Britain’s day of destiny’

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) going head to head in the BBC Election Debate. (Photo credit: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire)
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) going head to head in the BBC Election Debate. (Photo credit: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire)

Britain’s day of destiny

I write this as a personal appeal to all fellow members of the community to recognise the massive contrast between the two options that face us at this election. It’s Prime Minister Johnson or Prime Minister Corbyn – as clear-cut as that.

The Conservative-led governments of the past nine years have been excellent on Jewish issues. Their policies have been solidly pro-Israel, with legislation against boycotts, the banning of Hezbollah and promotion of trade with Israel. Those governments’ active determination to combat antisemitism has been second to none, with continued funding for Jewish security, Holocaust education and commemoration, and the promotion of the wider definition of antisemitism.

The thought of a Labour-led government is horrifying. The antisemitism with which Labour is riddled has been publicised far and wide.

There is nothing further to say about the party’s odious leader that has not already been said, not least by the Chief Rabbi.

The ambition o f the Momentum faction that controls Labour is to turn Britain into
a communist, terrorist-appeasing, nuclear-disarmed state where democracy, tolerance and respect for religious values would become forgotten concepts.

Brian Gordon, Conservative councillor, Barnet

Hoping Berger’s bid fails

Luciana Berger makes a point of telling us how she left Labour because of the antisemitism she experienced.

Her story is flawed. Why did she stand in 2017 as a Labour candidate when the party was led by Corbyn, then wait until 2019 to leave?

Moreover, her new party, the Lib Dems, is part of the Remain Alliance together with the Green Party. The latter supports the antisemitic BDS movement and the compulsory labelling of meat slaughtered by the “approved Jewish method”.

The Lib Dems running her in a constituency with the highest Jewish population is reminiscent of Mosley running Jewish boxing hero ‘Kid’ Lewis in the East End in the 1932 general election as candidate for his New Party, also hoping for his coreligionists’ votes.

Lewis failed and, it’s to be hoped, Berger will too.

Yisroel Davis, NW11

This isn’t gentle, kind politics

I wonder if Mr Corbyn, the chief executive of kinder and gentler politics, would like to have “an open door” chat with my daughter, who attends a university located five minutes from his house… where a highly organised annual BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) campaign/Labour week-long event took place in her campus … where views including “the Jews caused 9/11” etc are joyfully shouted to everyone.

I first wondered what Palestine has to do with all the really important issues facing Britain today, and what the average decent British Jewish community has ever done to deserve this vile behaviour.

Second, how would the “perfect” everyman react if, for example, there was an annual event stating that most Muslims must be related or agree with terrorism in this country or in the world … or, for example, that most black people are in some way involved in knife crime ..?

This is obviously hypothetical, but it’s the same sentiment behind what must be Mr Corbyn’s belief that antisemitism is not the same as other racisms, and so is acceptable as a mainstream ideology in the UK.

I wondered what he would do if this were an annual event he came across in his home town.

Mrs T Hur, By email

Would we do the same?

Everyone is full of admiration for the Muslim woman who went to the defence of a Jewish family on the underground a week days ago.

I wonder if any of us have asked ourselves if we would have done the same for her had she been the one being attacked. I would take a guess that the answer, in most cases, is “no” if the anti-Islamic views I hear from Jewish friends and family are anything to go by.

It is also interesting that she has released her name, yet the Jewish family, although they were the victims, have not. Surely she has put herself in danger, yet again, from people who don’t like her actions?

She is a wonderful person, and if Jewish people took the trouble to actually get to know a Muslim or two, they might find that there are others like her.

Elaine Allouf, By email

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