A letter to non-Jews: will you speak out against anti-Semitism?

A letter to non-Jews: will you speak out against anti-Semitism?

Swastika graffiti on a wall on Finchley
Swastika graffiti on a wall on Finchley
Hannah Morris
Hannah Morris

Are you afraid to speak out?

To my non-Jewish friends and neighbours,

I wish more people would speak out about the increasing anti-Semitism we are currently experiencing.

Anti-Semitism is no longer a thing of the past (some would say it sadly never was).

Anti-Semitism is no longer happening somewhere far away. Anti-Semitism is now very close to home. It is in our country, in our counties and in our towns.

Anti-Semitism is, today, exhibiting it’s ugly face through words, aggression, violence and murder. If it comes seething down my street and knocking on my door… What will you do to help me?

Will you help the British public understand that Judaism is about tradition, faith, culture, family, food and life?

Will you help the media present our history, the history of Israel and Palestine, the history of the pogroms, the history of the holocaust and the history of British Jewry, with factual insight and balanced reporting?

Swastika graffiti on a wall on Finchley
Swastika graffiti on a wall on Finchley

Will you help those on social networks engage in constructive conversations with a peaceful purpose?

Will you help our elected members of Parliament hear our fears and demand they work harder to protect us?

Will you help me speak out against anti-Semitism? Will you help prevent extremists who are targeting me right now?

Here are some small things you can do to help me, a Jew living in Britain, today:

Arrange to visit a Synagogue and talk with the community. Ask as many questions as you like, the more challenging the better!

Learn something new about Judaism. Then invite a Jew to visit your place of worship to learn something new about your religion.

Or invite a Jew to your home for a cuppa and a chat. Then tell your family and friends about your experience.

Please confirm everything you hear through the media by researching yourself before you believe it. Try to understand a variety of different perspectives before coming to your own conclusions.

Challenge hate on social networks and promote peace – simple! Try to keep conversations constructive and remember that an open, respectful dialogue is better than no dialogue at all.

Please write to your MP if you, too, are concerned with the rise in anti-Semitism. Please ask your MP: what they are doing to help keep me safe?

Let me know you care for my well-being and safety. Message me, write to me, phone me… let me know I am not alone and that you will not tolerate anti-Semitism, you will not allow hatred to take over Britain and you will personally come to my home to help me if anti-Semitism comes knocking on my door.

With love and best wishes,

A British citizen

A psychologist

A wife, mother, daughter, sister

Your neighbour, your friend

A Jew

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