LET’S NOSH! …with Lottie Cannon!

LET’S NOSH! …with Lottie Cannon!

Tucking in to a HUGE salt beef sandwich in New York!

Lottie Cannon is an 11-year-old kosher food fanatic from Hampstead Garden Suburb. She loves cooking and tasting new food. In her first ‘Let’s Nosh’ blog, Lottie chews over one of her least favourite items… children’s menus

This post isn’t about food tasting or restaurant reviews, but about something I do not like about restaurants:


I do not understand why in cafés and restaurants children are given their own special menus. The choice is often just processed or basic food like pasta, pizza, burgers or hot dogs rather than the delicious freshly made food the adults get to choose from.

I do understand that children do not eat as much as adults. So why not let children eat the same food as adults but give them a half portion.

This happens at some of my favourites kosher restaurants.

I love Sami’s in Golders Green. 

The food is always really fresh and it tastes great and is served in a more appetizing way. I almost always order the small portion of chicken nuggets with rice and fresh Israeli salad. There are not packet chicken nuggets, but fresh nuggets made for me with pieces of chicken breast deep friend in breadcrumbs, a little like small schnitzels. The Israeli salad is a lovely combination of chopped tomatoes and cucumber and you can see how fresh the salad is as the vegetables sparkle on the plate.

If I’m really lucky, my dad orders the Yeminite soup. This is a spicy and rich meat soup. I really love spicy food and this is my favourite soup of all time!

No salt beef sandwich is complete without giant green pickles.

Recently I was lucky enough to go to New York with my mum. While we were there, I experienced the best deli sandwich I’d ever tasted at Ben’s Kosher Deli. Hot corned beef on rye bread. There was so much meat in the sandwich; I could hardly see the bread. If only kosher delis in the UK put this much meat in a sandwich, I’d be much happier! I even tried a pickle for the first time in Lottie history.

Back in the UK, I went with my mum, dad and brother to Metsuyan in Golders Green. No children’s menu here either. We ordered lots of different dishes for us to try. I loved the Lemon Chicken and the crispy seaweed.

Apparently, it’s not really seaweed, but cabbage. However I was more interested in whether I would bump into Harry Styles as I heard he had been there for dinner. Lucky for me, I bumped into him outside Atari-Ya in Temple Fortune.

I am optimistic that in the future other places should follow the example of these restaurants to ensure that all children are served a healthy meal.

Lottie meets one of her fans outside Atari-Ya in Temple Fortune. She thinks his name might be Harry.
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