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League chairman’s message

League Chairman David Wolff

January has come and gone with very little football. Similarly, we are now three quarters of the way through February with the same scenario. In the main, the only matches played have been on the artificial 3G pitches and better draining natural grass pitches.

I must congratulate all those teams who have made sterling efforts to gets matches on.

Norstar London Raiders are really setting the pace with all of their 3 teams leading their respective divisions. They are a well structured club with very talented players who have the correct attitude towards the game especially towards referees. This filters down from the clubs Management and they are to be congratulated.

But they are not the only Club in the league with this structure. Luckily the majority, if not all, the clubs are well set up and if this is reflected by indiscipline then our league leads the way. Dismissals for serious offences such as Violent Conduct and Offensive, insulting and abusive language are not the norm because I certainly do not include Second Cautions and Professional Fouls as something that we need to be alarmed at.

I was dealing with a case at the London FA some weeks ago where after the game there was one almighty fight which resulted in the Police being called. Quite correctly, both teams were thrown out of the competition. This is something we hardly ever have to deal with and any Violent Conduct is usually handbags.

Since there has been little football let me turn my attention to the sport of FUTSAL. Maccabi GB has entered a team in Division2 of the National League and has played most of their games at the wonderful new facility built at Barking as a training venue for the Olympics. Our team has excelled in every respect by winning every game in which they have played and thus gaining promotion to the TOP division. They still have a CUP COMPETITION in which to compete and let’s hope that they continue to do well. I have been to most of their games (indoors in the dry!!) and have really enjoyed seeing so many talented players of all ages.

As far as 11 a side is concerned, I have been out most weeks and am getting round the entire league. I have seen a mixture of games but they are always enjoyable and it’s good to be involved.

Well, West Ham are up to 10th…YES up to 10th but so few points separate the teams. I am pleased that goals are being scored (even by Nolan, what would we do without him) but the quality is not good. Too many away teams shut up shop making it difficult to break down and get through. Last week’s game with Norwich City was a fine example of this. BUT are we not playing 19th CENTURY football when we play away……..well the Chelsea manager, that charming man, seems to think so. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. It’s a results orientated game these days. Too much money involved so you dare not lose or worse still get relegated. Can you imagine the Olympic Stadium with only 15,000 there? We would have to borrow some of Leyton Orients supporters and let them play there too!! Let’s stay at UPTON PARK where we really belong. What about that Andy Carroll incident with Chico Flores. Well Carroll did have his arms out but Flores made such a Matzah Pudding out of it by going down like a sack of potatoes.

Well since there’s not been too much football to talk about, I hope you like the light hearted bits in this article.

See you all soon.

David Wolff
Maccabi GB Southern Football League

Help perform the greatest mitzvah: save a life

While life in Israel has returned to normal and hopes are high that Britain is set for a summer without restrictions thanks to vaccines, for billions around the world there is no such imminent light at the end of the tunnel. In the majority of countries around the globe, particularly the poorest, the vaccine rollout has barely kicked off.

That's why Jewish News, the leading source of news and opinion for the entire UK community, is throwing its full weight behind UNICEF’s VaccinAid campaign by using this platform usually reserved for encouraging donations towards our own journalism to instead urge our readers around the globe to perform the greatest mitzvah: saving a life.

We have never before done this for any charity fundraiser but it's hard to recall a campaign that affects so many people, and indeed an entire planet aching for a return to normality. Just like the Chief Rabbi and Rachel Riley, we hope to boost the mission to deliver two billion vaccines, 165 million treatments and 900 million test kits around the world by the end of this year.

Please donate as much as you can, in the spirit of the Talmudic sages: “to save one life is to save the world entire”

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