Lawn Bowlers set for fourth Israel tour

Lawn Bowlers set for fourth Israel tour

LAWNBOWLSThe Maccabi Lawn Bowls Association will be touring Israel for the fourth consecutive year when they play a series of matches against all of Israel’s bowling clubs in October.

The tour is organised and headed by Maccabi GB Vice President Stuart Lustigman, who said: “The first tour in 2011 was an outstanding success with 34 people, but this year’s tour is the largest so far with 77 participants, including 30 people who have not toured previously.

“We have 37 male and 18 female bowlers from 16 different clubs who will have matches against clubs in Ramat Gan, Savyon, Kiryat One, Haifa, Netanya and Ra’anana. Because of the sheer size of our tour party, we will divide into two groups, playing three clubs each before coming together for a huge gala bowling night in Ra’anana, where in excess of 100 bowlers are expected to compete on 2 greens in what will be a momentous night for Israel bowling.”

Participants on the tour will also gain an insight into Israel’s current political, economic, cultural and social situation.

Lustigman added: “It’s a very important time to be supporting Israel and I’m very proud to be leading this group.”

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