Last call for survivors needing financial help

Last call for survivors needing financial help

The Six Point Foundation is making its final plea to help victims of the Nazis, offering grants to assist them

Holocaust survivor at the Bergen-Belsen memorial.
Holocaust survivor at the Bergen-Belsen memorial.

An organisation that’s provided hundreds of UK-based Holocaust survivors with a total of £1.4million in financial aid is launching its last appeal.

Before the Six Point Foundation closes in March, it is making a last-gasp plea to help those who fled or suffered under the Nazis.

SPF assists Shoah victims with services to improve quality of life, including home adaptations, travel and temporary care and its work particularly helps those whose problems are a direct result of their experience.

One survivor was forced into hiding at a young age in damp conditions, which caused lung development issues. The foundation assisted them with a costly lung transplant abroad.

It made its first grants in 2012 following the former Otto Schiff Housing Association expendable endowment to SFP. It has since helped hundreds of survivors and refugees.

A spokesperson told Jewish News: “Since 2012, SPF has been able to make more than 1,000 grants directly to Holocaust survivors and refugees in financial need, some of which have been truly life-changing. For our final few months we will be encouraging all UK survivors and refugees to be in contact with one of our partner agencies.

“We will rest easier if we fade away knowing that every survivor and refugee is very clear about where to turn should they ever need support.”

If you know a survivor or refugee who could benefit, call 020 3372 8882 or email

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