Lansman defends Corbyn adviser who halted antisemitism ban

Lansman defends Corbyn adviser who halted antisemitism ban

Jewish Momentum founder criticised article in the Sunday Times.

Momentum chief Jon Lansman  (Photo Credit: Eli Gaventa)
Momentum chief Jon Lansman (Photo Credit: Eli Gaventa)

Jon Lansman has defended a top adviser to Jeremy Corbyn accused of blocking a ban on since-suspended member Patricia Sheerin, who was arrested for inciting racial hatred last week.

Lansman criticised an article which appeared in the Sunday Times for reporting that Laura Murray blocked the suspension of Sheerin, despite recommendations by party officials.

The Sunday Times report claims Murray pushed for Sheerin to be investigated without suspension, arguing that “although her tweets are drawing upon conspiracy theories, they are about Israel and no mention of Jews or Jewishness.”

Sheerin was one of three party members questioned by Scotland Yard earlier this month for “publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred”.

In a thread sent today, Lansman defended Murray, writing she has “done more than anyone I know (including the disgruntled ex-staffer who’s leaking these emails) to tackle antisemitism in the party.

“I know for a fact this ex-staffer, from the right, frustrated cases to make the party and leadership look bad.”

The Jewish founder of Momentum added: “The Times admit new material was given to the police that Labour didn’t have.

“So the basis of this article – to criticise Labour / LOTO [Leader of the Opposition] for not immediately suspending someone who was later charged by the police – is erroneous.

“They were reviewing different material and therefore cannot be compared. The original material wasn’t nearly as serious.”


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