Labour member’s ‘suspension’ lifted

Labour member’s ‘suspension’ lifted

Labina Basit had sanctions 'removed' by Labour after sharing a message featuring the now-banned epithet 'Zio'

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

Labina Basit
Labina Basit

A Labour party member who retweeted a message featuring the epithet ‘Zio’ has had her suspension lifted.

Labina Basit, who is believed to be among a number of people to have had sanctions removed in recent days, took to Twitter on Monday to say she had been “warned”.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’m flabbergasted someone can report me, despite asking lab won’t say who; people suspended 4 no reason than unsuspended + ‘warned’.”

Another message said: “Lots are discussing this and are not going to put up with a warning for something they didn’t do in the first place”.

It has not been confirmed exactly what she was suspended for, but she recently tweeted notorious user @marcsandsparks saying she had been told action was taken partly for her retweet of one of his messages.

On 17 June, she retweeted a post from him that included the words “zio-medias islamophobic agenda” – two weeks before Shami Chakrabarti’s report said the epithet “should have no place in Labour party discourse going forward”.

Asked by another user on Sunday if she condemned Hamas and Fatah for their “violent attacks on random Jews”, she wrote on the micro blogging site: “It’s impossible to condemn people defending theft of their land.”

A party spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on individual’s membership statuses.”

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