Labour suspends ex-candidate over ‘gentile’ Facebook group

Labour suspends ex-candidate over ‘gentile’ Facebook group

The group was apparently set up to avoid interventions from 'right wing Jews' in another pro-Labour Facebook group

A former Labour candidate who set up a Facebook group to avoid interventions from “right-wing Jews” has been suspended from the party, it is understood. 

“The Gentile Labour Forum – but all races and religions can join” set up by ex-council candidate Ivor Morgan, attracted just one other member before it was deleted.

A group post sent from Morgan’s account claimed “any religion and race is welcome” to the group, but cited pressure from “right-wing Jews” on another pro-Labour group.

But the group was shut down hours after Jewish News made attempts to contact Morgan, from Stockton-on-Tees. A group post by his account read: “I have not intended to be antisemitic, I merely wanted a forum devoid of hostility.

“I acknowledge and am aware of antisemitism. I have been called an antisemite by Jewish zealots, I have the right to reply but the forum is not the right way, for those people kicking up and setting the journalists onto me, the question remains are you anti-gentile, I can’t answer that, but your actions speak volumes,” it read.

Dr Paul Williams, MP for Stockton South, reported Morgan to the party following media coverage, writing on Twitter: “In our movement, we’ve seen too many instances like this and we need to get rid of this anti-Jewish hatred from our party.

“I reported this to The Labour Party earlier this afternoon. One antisemite in the Labour Party is one antisemite too many.”

It is understood that Labour cannot comment on individual cases on the record as their complaints procedures are confidential.

A party spokesperson said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints of antisemitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.

“All complaints about antisemitism are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken. We cannot comment on individual cases.”

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