Labour supporters refuse to back Christian pastor accused of antisemitism

Labour supporters refuse to back Christian pastor accused of antisemitism

Left-leaning human rights activist Liam Moore is under investigation by the Party amid concerns he posted “antisemitic” comments online.

One of Liam Moore's tweets
One of Liam Moore's tweets

Labour supporters of a Christian pastor accused of antisemitism have refused to back him in his fight for a Liverpool council seat next to Jewish MP Luciana Berger’s constituency.

It comes after news that Liam Moore, a left-leaning human rights activist and part-time Phil Collins impersonator, is now under investigation by the Labour Party amid concerns he posted “antisemitic” comments online.

Moore’s past tweets were revealed by The Sun this week, days after he was picked by the local Labour branch to fight for the Norris Green ward, but the ward’s two current councillors this week told Jewish News his continued candidacy would now be “difficult”.

One tweet from Moore, dating back to 2014, refers to “Rothschild’s Zionist-run Israel and world government” while another, posted earlier this year, talked of a “Zionist coup” with pro-Israel MPs “infiltrating” the party and “selling out for 30 piece of silver” in a reference to Judas.

Other posts include Moore’s mention of a “Zionism machine” while a graphic he posted states: “Zionism is not healthy for children and other living things.”

Norris Green Councillor Barry Kushner defended Moore’s record supporting homeless people and raising money for Christmas hampers to the most vulnerable in our community, but said he had now over-stepped the mark.

“I am sad to say that the latest postings that I have seen from Liam are antisemitic,” said Kushner. “The branch will be meeting on Thursday night and will be making a decision about his candidacy. As it stands I find it difficult to see how Liam can continue as the Labour candidate.”

He added: “I have known Liam for six years and I do not believe that he is antisemitic, but he has made a grave error. He is the most generous of people.”

On Wednesday, fellow Norris Green Councillor said he “only saw [Moore’s] postings this morning,” adding that he “fully endorsed” Kushner’s comments.

Speaking to Jewish News, Moore said he was horrified at the idea that he may be antisemitic, and although he admitted some of his past posts were “inflammatory,” he pointed to them having been made more than four years ago.

“I am appalled at the suggestion and allegation towards me that I hold any negative views or thoughts about Jewish people. On reflection I think the language was inflammatory. It was no way intended to offend Jewish people. In other tweets I have posted I have made it clear my love for Israel and Jewish people.”

The party has now launched an investigation, as Labour MPs balked at the prospect of Moore’s candidacy, Wes Streeting asking: “How was this person ever selected?”

Ian Austin MP said conspiracy theories such as those Moore is alleged to have posted were antisemitism “pure and simple,” adding: “Someone with views like this should not even be in the Labour Party, let alone be selected as a candidate.”

Moore said he had helped thousands of children, including Jewish children, through Voice in the City, a choir bringing together youngsters of all backgrounds to tackle gun and knife crime, gangs, racist and homophobic bullying, and child poverty.

Labour said the party “takes all complaints extremely seriously, which are looked into and any appropriate disciplinary action taken in line with Party rules and procedures”.

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