‘Labour would sign up to all 10 Board commitments ‘ says Lammy at Limmud

‘Labour would sign up to all 10 Board commitments ‘ says Lammy at Limmud

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

L-R: Matthew Offord MP, David Lammy MP, Gillian Merron of the Board and Monroe Palmer

During a ‘Question Time’ debate at Limmud, Labour MP David Lammy issued support for the Board of Deputies ’10 commitments’, in their General Election Manifesto, reports Jack Mendel, live from Limmud 2014.

The Manifesto’s 10 commitments ‘summarise the community’s aspirations for political representatives’, asking MPs  to seek to influence policy in a number of areas. These range from supporting the Jewish community’s right to practice faith and culture, to support Israel and oppose boycotts, in addition to promoting good inter-community relations amongst other things.

Three parliamentarians participated, with Matthew Offord MP for the Conservatives, David Lammy MP for the Labour Party, and Lord Monroe Palmers for the Liberal Democrats; all affirming broad support for both Israel, and the Board’s set of commitments that it asks of MPs and friends.

When asked about his support for the Board’s commitments, David Lammy said that “when we get to the next General Election… Labour will be in a position where we will sign up to every single one of those election commitments.”

Offord replied by issuing his own commitment, before stressing that the reason Labour would sign up, is because Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, have signed up for ‘just about everything’ whilst in opposition, but lack the detail to back up their commitments.

“They want to reduce the deficit, but they don’t want to make any cuts.”

“I’ve heard Mr Miliband make many claims that he just cannot deliver upon”.

The Liberal Democrat, Lord Palmer, who is Jewish, outlined that he ‘lives and breaths the commitments’, and that out of all peers in the House of Lord’s, he has consistently been the most staunch and regular advocate for Israel in the four years since he was appointed.

There was agreement that all three were supportive of both Israel and the Jewish community as outlined by Lord Palmer, stressing that all three MPs sit on the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews.

Other issues which were discussed included what was considered to be a ‘proportionate’ response to Hamas terrorism, refugees and asylum seekers, UKIP’s rise and electoral reform.

You can read the Board’s General Election Manifesto HERE.

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