Labour publishes ‘basic tools’ for members to understand and fight antisemitism

Labour publishes ‘basic tools’ for members to understand and fight antisemitism

'No Place For Antisemitism' guide covers areas including conspiratorial antisemitism the link between Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism

Jeremy Corbyn said he has “learned so much” about fighting antisemitism, as his party launched educational material to help its members identify the problem.

On Sunday the party published content on its website, providing members with “basic tools” to identify and call out Jew-hate, including about stereotypes and conspiracy theories.

The materials include guidance on how to avoid antisemitism when criticising the Israeli state, and explanations of terms such as Zionism.

A spokesperson  for the Jewish Labour Movement said the new section “is too little, far too late.”

“After countless examples over the past four years of Labour failing to tackle anti-Jewish racism, a minisite simply isn’t going to be enough to heal the deep divides between the Party and the Jewish community.

“Labour has effectively cut JLM, it’s sole Jewish affiliate, out of training. If the Party was truly committed to political education as an antidote to antisemitism, they would give the authority and agency back to us, rather than censoring our content.

“Putting out a superficial leaflet, rather than reforming its disciplinary structures, won’t be enough to detoxify many parts of the Party, both online and off, let alone the restore trust and rebuild the relationship with Jewish members.”

This comes as shadow cabinet is due to meet to discuss antisemitism amid criticism of the party’s handling of allegations within its ranks.

Taking to Twitter, the Labour leader wrote: “Today I’m launching the first in a series of education materials for our members to help them confront racism. Antisemitism has reared its ugly head in our movement and we must drive it out. I have learned so much, I hope you will too.”

On the Party’s website, the new section entitled ‘No Place For Antisemitism‘ , says Jew-hatred”is a poison that must be challenged wherever it raises its head.”

The site also says “there has been a rise in conspiracy theories which see capitalism and imperialism as the product of plots by a small shadowy elite rather than a political, economic, legal and social system”.

It has a section on Zionism anti-Zionism and antisemitism, in which it gives a brief history of the Jewish national movement, before saying: “There are many forms of Zionism both in Israel and around the world and for many Jews, Zionism represents national liberation.

“The concepts of Israel, Zion and Jerusalem run deeply in Jewish religion, identity and culture, and for many are symbolic of a homeland, refuge, or place of safety. The sensitivities around these concepts should be considered before using them.”

The website finishes with a section entitled ‘Learning about antisemitism to fight antisemitism’, before providing links to other resources on the subject of fighting Jew-hatred, including the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism.

Over the weekend, polling showed a decline in the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn among party members, amid disagreements over the party’s handling of antisemitism and Brexit.

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