Labour MPs Hodge and Russell-Moyle to meet after antisemitism spat

Labour MPs Hodge and Russell-Moyle to meet after antisemitism spat

The exchange comes after Dame Margaret Hodge criticised the choice of of Lisa Forbes as Labour's Peterborough by-election candidate

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, left, Dame Margaret Hodge, right
Lloyd Russell-Moyle, left, Dame Margaret Hodge, right

Labour MPs Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Dame Margaret Hodge have agreed “to meet for coffee” after the two traded blows on Twitter over the antisemitism row.

The exchange follows criticism made by Hodge on the choice of of Lisa Forbes as Labour’s Peterborough by-election candidate at a heated parliamentary meeting.

Hodge is believed to have said she could “not tolerate” antisemitism of any kind within the parliamentary Labour Party.

Russell-Moyle accused Hodge today of having a personal vendetta against Jeremy Corbyn, claiming she “abuses” her colleagues on the issue of antisemitism.

The MP shared a video posted by the account Socialist Voice, run by an activist barred from Labour for accusing supermarket chains of having “Jewish blood.”

Shortly after posting, Russell-Moyle deleted his tweet, sharing the same clip again but from a different account.

“Let’s remember Hodge in 1983 was lined up by the right of party to be the MP for Islington North and as leader of the council was considered a shoe in,” he wrote.

“@JeremyCorbyn4PM stood as a rank a file member and won. She has never forgiven him and has dedicated her time to undermine him.

“She attacks newly elected colleagues for no reason (even after heartfelt apologies),” he continued, in an apparent reference to Forbes, who apologised for her social media activity.

“Antisemitism is problem in @uklabour party, I’ve had vile antisemites rightly kicked out locally. But to call someone an antisemite on base of concern with IHRA or liking a photos/video with text and abuse them in public, after they say they sorry and want to learn, is wrong.

“[Hodge] has abused people in lobbies and corridors and last nights personal outburst at a newly elected MP was another low after apology offered.”

Hodge replied shortly after that her actions were “not simply a vendetta”, reiterating her concerns about antisemitism in the party and urging her colleague to meet her for coffee, who agreed to arrange a meeting.

“Just seen thread of tweets & revised tweets from . My actions are not simply a vendetta,” Hodge wrote.

“I have loudly & repeatedly called out Labour antisemitism because we have a serious problem & leadership has failed to act. Lloyd, lets meet for coffee to talk this through properly.”


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