Labour member who promoted Shoah denial and Rothschild conspiracies ‘suspended’

Labour member who promoted Shoah denial and Rothschild conspiracies ‘suspended’

Among the material posted online by Robert Broad a post claims Ashkenazi Jews wish to murder non-Jews

Facebook screenshots
Facebook screenshots

A Labour Party member who allegedly shared antisemitic conspiracy theories denying the Holocaust has been suspended pending an investigation, Jewish News understands.

A trove of antisemitic messages posted from Robert Broad’s Facebook account was first discovered by the anti-racism Twitter account GnasherJew.

Among the material, one post claims “real jews” do not support Zionism, asserting that Ashkenazim jews have the “highest ranking jobs” in Israel.

Another post features a photo of French president Emmanuel Macron, with the caption “France have elected a Rothschild puppet”.

Macron is depicted with a speech bubble from his mouth saying: “I’m here to serve the 1 percent elite”.

“Practically every president or prime minister or even crown is controlled by the Zionist NWO rothschilds working with only one goal in mind total control,” the post reads.

Another post sent from his account links to an article denying the Holocaust, describing Adolf Hitler as “the most lied about man in history”.

“How the Rothschilds empire controls every aspect of our lives,” reads the accompanying words in Broad’s Facebook post.

Another post sent earlier this month describes Karl Marx as a “Zionist Rothschild puppet” and claims the establishment exploits socialism “to build their wealth”.

Last year, Broad shared a cartoon depicting a “sleeping goy” tied down with ropes, with a hook-nosed bearded caricature, marked ‘Zionists’ rubbing his hands in the foreground.

“The zionists have been planning for centuries to take control of us and planet Earth and unless we wake up and fight they will succeed,” the post reads. 

Another post sent from his account asserts Ashkenazim Jews wish to murder non-Jews.

“AshkeNAZI [sic] khazar zionists hate us and have stated that goyims will be exterminated,” a post from May reads.

Labour says it does not comment on individual cases as complaints procedures are confidential.

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