Labour expels 25 people in one day over antisemitism allegations

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Labour expels 25 people in one day over antisemitism allegations

Last year saw 45 members expelled from the party over antisemitism, according to a report by the Labour Party

Gen Sec Jennie Formby
Gen Sec Jennie Formby

The Labour Party has recently expelled 25 individuals in a single day over allegations of antisemitism, Jewish News understands.

The Labour Party, which is being investigated by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, has not provided details about the individuals expelled.

Some are thought to have been expelled by the party’s governing body the National Executive Committee panel using new expulsion powers approved at Labour conference in 2019.

Others were expelled by the Labour Party’s disciplinary body the National Constitutional Committee under a new procedural guideline in which the body hears cases related to social media posts on paper, rather than in person.

A Labour Party source said: “As a result of significant reforms made since Jennie Formby became general secretary, our procedures are more effective than ever before and more robust than any other political party, and those who engage in antisemitism are being swiftly removed from our ranks.”

A report released by the Labour Party last month revealed 45 members were expelled from the party over antisemitism last year, a staggering increase since the previous year, which saw just 10 expulsions.

The report, hailed by the party as “the greatest display of transparency”, drew criticism from the Jewish Labour Movement which released a statement saying the party should not be “allowed to judge its own processes.”

A spokesperson for the Jewish Labour Party affiliate said at the time: “After years of acting in bad faith and administering a broken system which fosters institutional anti-Jewish racism, the Labour Party should not be allowed to judge its own processes.”

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