The kosher snacker’s guide to the Galaxy

The kosher snacker’s guide to the Galaxy

UnknownNewly-approved food and drink, including hot chocolate, beer, coconut yoghurts and Turkish Delights have appeared in the ‘Really Jewish Food Guide 2015’.

Among the 8,000 items listed as kosher were vodka-based cocktails and peanut-based hot drinks, as well as edible offerings from such superstores as Aldi and Tesco. 

The guide, released this week, is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and inspection from the Kashrut division of the London Beth Din (KLBD), whose director Rabbi Conway this week said it would work alongside the new search engine

“We are really proud of all the work that has gone into it,” he said, noting that the products listed came from over 1,000 factories in over 50 countries, as food production becomes increasingly global. 

“A simple tomato ketchup may contain paste from Italy, sugar from Mauritius, oil from Malaysia, emulsifiers from Denmark, onion powder from Egypt, cloves from Indonesia, citric acid from China and salt from Britain,” Conway said.

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