Kosher food guide includes more healthy and allergy options

Kosher food guide includes more healthy and allergy options

KLBD’s (Kosher London Beth Din) annual Kosher food guide has revealed more choices for the health-conscious and those with allergies in 2016, with the inclusion of new products from specialist lines.

Several gluten-free products, such as Dove Farm’s gluten-free cakes and biscuits, are now certified by Kosher London Beth Din (KLBD), as are Eat Real’s new healthy selection of crisps and snacks.

However it wasn’t all waist-watching in 2015, with newly-certified products from Bendicks chocolate mints and Booja Booja dairy-free ice cream revealed in The Really Jewish Guide 2016.

It comes as new figures showed that the average kosher family had to fork out thousands of pounds extra per year to eat kosher products, compared to the cost of the non-kosher alternatives, while kosher restaurants charged up to 70 percent more for comparable meals.

In North America, there have been heated arguments in recent weeks, after the first kosher-certified marijuana went on sale for medical use.

The Kashruth Council of Canada met last week to discuss this issue, following news that a New York company would soon offer certified kosher medical cannabis products in the U.S.

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