Kim Kardashian hires Israeli bodyguard

Kim Kardashian hires Israeli bodyguard

The reality TV star who was recently robbed in Paris, will be protected by a former elite Israeli undercover agent

Kim and Kanye on a visit to Jerusalem in 2015
Kim and Kanye on a visit to Jerusalem in 2015

An Israeli bodyguard is keeping reality television star Kim Kardashian safe after a robbery in her Paris hotel room earlier this month.

Aaron Cohen, an Israeli security guard who served in the elite undercover Duvdevan Unit of the Israel Defense Forces, has been hired by Kardashian’s husband, rapper Kanye West, to protect her, Ynet reported.

Cohen, who runs a security company which caters to celebrities, told Ynet that he could neither confirm nor deny any association with Kardashian.

“Because of the nature of my business, I cannot confirm whether someone approached me, but I can say that it’s unthinkable that a star of Kim’s caliber only has one security guard,” he said.

Earlier this month a group of masked thieves entered her hotel room and tied her up in the bathtub before making off with about $10 million in jewelry.

Cohen made aliyah from Los Angeles at the age of 17 and served as a lone soldier. After his army service he returned to the United States and started his security company, Cherries, the definition of the name of his special IDF unit, which has worked with stars including Katy Perry, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to Ynet.

Cohen has trained security officers in the U.S. to fight terrorism and he has offered technical advice to actors about hand-to-hand combat and using weapons, to make their acting look more realistic.  He also has served as a national security analyst on major news networks.

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