JW3 security guards heralded as ‘utter mensches’ for tackling bus blaze

JW3 security guards heralded as ‘utter mensches’ for tackling bus blaze

Emilio and Marius grabbed fire extinguishers from the Jewish community centre and helped put out flames coming from a 113 bus

Two security guards at Jewish community centre JW3 who helped tackle a blaze on a London bus outside were heralded for their actions this week.

Emilio and Marius grabbed a fire extinguisher from inside the communal Finchley hub on Sunday night as flames were seen amidst billowing black smoke pouring from the back of a number 113 bus pulled up on the road.

JW3 boss Raymond Simonson described them as “utter mensches” for their actions, with Emilio tackling the fire and Marius guiding passengers to safety.

“Their only thoughts were for the safety of the passengers caught on the burning bus, which is typical of all the SQR security staff at JW3,” he said.

“I wasn’t at all surprised – we constantly receive praise and positive feedback from members of the public for our wonderful security team.”

“What’s also impressive is how humble they’ve been. We only know the full extent of their bravery after being told by eye witnesses, and both of these utter mensches have since played it down. They couldn’t understand what the fuss was about, and both said they were just doing their jobs.”

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