JW3 to host launch of Islam Awareness Week

JW3 to host launch of Islam Awareness Week

London’s new Jewish community centre JW3 is to host the launch of Islam Awareness Week.

The event, organised by Islamic Society of Britain, will be themed ‘’Charity begins at home’ and will showcase some of the social action projects taking place across the country.

ISB executive director Julie Siddiqui – who has worked closely with Mitzvah Day in recent years – said: “It seemed appropriate to use JW3 as a venue to launch Islam Awareness Week this year. The Jewish community have done a brilliant job at putting faith into real action with projects that really help others who need it.

“This year’s Islam Awareness Week will be showcasing some brilliant examples of Muslim-led social action working with people of all backgrounds. Whether that be foodbanks and feeding the homeless or working with women suffering violence and abuse and lots more.”

She added: “I think there is a lot more positive collaboration waiting to happen between Muslims and Jews in the UK, our faiths and interests are so very similar in so many ways. I hope that by using JW3 and working with organisations like Mitzvah Day we can develop the relationships necessary to make that a reality.”

Siddiqui said she “loves” the vision and attention to detail in JW3, adding: “It is a real aspiration for us in the Muslim community to work towards such a place.  I have always felt welcome at JW3.”


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