JNF to launch postcard campaign to show support for Israel

JNF to launch postcard campaign to show support for Israel

JNF’s iconic blue boxes are to adorn thousands of postcards in the charity’s newest campaign, which urges community members to write messages of support to Israel. Blue Box Postcard

This weekend’s launch of letter-writing campaign ‘Blue Box Post’ sees JNF send postcards to Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel. Schools, synagogues and educational foundations will all be asked to write messages expressing solidarity.

“At this time it is very important that friends of Israel show their support in any way they can,” said JNF chief executive Alan Aziz. “We’ve always been at the forefront of support for Israel through our blue boxes and this blue box message campaign is simply an extension of that and is open to everyone.”

The organisation aims to send 10,000 postcards to Israel “at least,” with messages from British kids going to Israeli school-children.

Meanwhile, 20 years after the death of slain Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin, JNF took over 40 British Jews to Bet Gavriel in Galilee, where the former prime minister met King Hussein of Jordan to ratify their 1994 peace treaty.

The group had an armed guard for part of the tour, which took in programmes in the underdeveloped Negev region, which incorporates 60 percent of Israel’s landmass but which is home to less than 8 percent of the population.

The charity has said areas of the Negev were “economically depressed and forgotten” but millions have since been ploughed into infrastructure projects such as irrigation and flood defences.

Back of the 'Blue Box Postcard'
Back of the ‘Blue Box Postcard’
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