JFS issues warning over graphic suicide video circulating on social media

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JFS issues warning over graphic suicide video circulating on social media

Europe's biggest Jewish school writes to parents of students urging them not to open the 'traumatising' clip which was shared on TikTok and Facebook

Social media apps
Social media apps

JFS has issued a warning to parents after a graphic video showing a man committing suicide, was circulated on social media.

The video, which was reportedly live-streamed on Facebook before making its way to social media app Tik Tok, has since been removed from the platform.

The school’s deputy headteacher, Rabbi Howard Cohen, warned parents and carers that the content could still be accessed by students.

In an email, he wrote: “We have been made aware of a video being shared on social media platforms, which originated on the mobile phone app TikTok. The video is of a man committing suicide.

“Although we understand it has been removed from Tik Tok, the video is still being shared on social media platforms and we are concerned that your child may receive and watch it.”

He added: “Some children are opening it believing it is a joke, however the content is very graphic and potentially traumatising.

“Please advise your children, if they have social media, not to open the video. The video is very real and best not viewed.”

According to reports, the video, which started circulating on Sunday evening, was available on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

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