JFS confirms increase in intake for September

JFS confirms increase in intake for September

Europe’s largest Jewish secondary school adds another Year 7 class for new academic year to meet rising demand.

A JFS class taking place
A JFS class taking place

Europe’s largest Jewish secondary school has confirmed that it will increase its intake for September 2017.

JFS in Kenton will offer an additional class, believed to be around 30 pupils, at the beginning of the academic year for incoming Year 7 students, as the school as been “inundated with applications.”

Deborah Lipkin, JFS Executive Headteacher said: “As promised, [we] have kept a close eye on the number of Jewish students without a place at a Jewish school. The communication with our partner schools has been unprecedented. With the support and encouragement of Brent Local Authority, we have been able speed up the offer process in an effort to alleviate the stress for students and parents who did not have a place.”

“We have offered additional places in the light of the demand which we had anticipated. Whilst the offers made have been accepted in record time, there will still be a small number of places offered in the coming weeks as we finalise our roll. We look forward to welcoming our new and enlarged cohort in September.”

The expansion will see the creation of an additional 11th tutor group, an extra classes across teaching subjects.

The move comes after JFS, along with JCoSS in Barnet, announcing that they would seek a permanent capacity expansion to cater for rising demand of an additional 90 places from September 2018 onwards.

The plan, jointly announced in March of this year, intended to offer 30 places at JCoSS and 60 at JFS, provided funding could be granted.

Speaking to Jewish News, JCoSS headteacher, Patrick Moriarty said: “We are still pursuing plans to increase our capacity permanently by 30 each year, subject to funding”.

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