Jewish tourists get dressing down from Beefeater after ‘throwing glove’ at Queen’s Guard

Jewish tourists get dressing down from Beefeater after ‘throwing glove’ at Queen’s Guard

Orthodox couple scolded for a lack of 'respect' by Tower of London guard, after trying to make an on-duty soldier move

An Orthodox Jewish couple who threw a glove at a Queen’s Guard to make him move has been admonished on social media, after video of the incident was uploaded by fellow tourists.

To applause from online viewers, the man and woman – carrying suitcases and overheard speaking in American accents – were given a dressing down by a Beefeater, whose job it is to guard the Tower of London.

In the video, he is seen approaching the woman, after she was reported for her action. “Did you just throw your glove over?” he asks. “Why did you do that? The Army’s here to protect the Crown Jewels, he is not here for the public to make fun of.”

He added: “He’s a soldier. He serves his country. He deserves to be treated with a little respect.” He then climbed over the railings and retrieved the woman’s glove, before the couple made a hasty retreat.

The Queen’s Guard, which protects Royal residences, comprise fully-operational infantry and cavalry soldiers, but are sometimes seen as ornamental by tourists, because of their bearskin hats and there rigid non-engaging stance.

In seeking to provoke a reaction, some tourists go too far, standing on railings or placing their hands on the soldiers. After two loud verbal warnings, the Guards will assume a ‘port-of-arms’ position, in which he points the loaded rifle at the protagonist. Further action is taken if needed, but by that point, most get the message.

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