Summer camps: the ultimate guide for kids and parents!

Summer camps: the ultimate guide for kids and parents!

By Rachel Paul and Tamara Ezekiel

July’s here and that means… summer camp!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. There are SO many to choose from… where do I even start?

Luckily for you, Jewish News has investigated and produced the ultimate guide to cure kids’ summer boredom.

With a variety of activities, locations, ages, religious observance levels [and of course prices..] let us help you select the best option…


Ezra – Orthodox youth movement

For Girls and Boys (separate)

Age groups : Years 3-6 Juniors, Years 7-10 Inters and Year 12 – Mad camp (Girls) and Ezra Plus (boys).

Itinerary: Two weeks away from home in an action-packed, religious and warm atmosphere. There are activities and trips every day including to markets and theme parks, in addition to engaging in discussions. The camp is led by strong madrich(a)-chanich(a) (leader and camper) bonds and offers an opportunity to make plenty of new friends!

Location: Devon coast

Price for Girls: £629- Juniors , £729- Inters and Mad camp. Price for boys: Juniors – £649, Inters and Ezra Plus £729

Date for Girls: Tuesday 28th July- Monday 10th August. Date for boys: Juniors- Tuesday 28 July – Tuesday 11 August, Inters and Ezra Plus- 29th July- 11th August

What they say: Ezra aims to create an emotional bond with Judaism and strives to develop a generation of caring and giving people” Daniel Moise (Ezra website)


Bnei Akiva – Religious Zionist youth movement

BA Camp (Courtesy of Bnei Akiva)
BA Camp (Courtesy of Bnei Akiva)

Age groups: Years 6-8 Aleph/ Aleph Chalutzi/ Bet Base, Year 9 Bet Chalutzi Machane, Year 10 Gimmel.

Itinerary: Two weeks away with friends – religious Zionist based discussions on “Torah, Avodah and Aliyah”, sports and art workshops, as well as other exciting activities and highly qualified madrichim (leaders) guaranteed to create a safe and fun atmosphere for all.

Location: North Wales (Years 6-8)/ Holland (Year 9)/ Derbyshire (year 10)

Price: Years 6-8 -£755, Year 9-£865, Year 10- £780

Date: Wednesday 29th July – Wednesday 12th August

What they say: “Bnei Akiva Machane looks to empower young Jewish individuals in Israel and the UK… where young people come out of their shells” – Yehudah Fink


Tribe – Youth arm of the United Synagogue

Tribe Camp in Belgium (Benjamin Turgel Photography)
Tribe Camp in Belgium (Benjamin Turgel Photography) (Courtesy of Tribe)

Age Groups: Years 7- 10

Itinerary: Based abroad, Tribe summer camp offers participants endless fun, including days out, visiting a theme park, and uplifting discussions of Jewish issues.

Location: Belgium

Price: £599

Date: Tuesday 28th July- Thursday 6th August

What they say: “Tribe camps provide an excellent social and educational environment where participants can meet their peers and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.” David Collins


RSY – Netzer  – Zionist Youth Movement for Reform Judaism

Age Groups: Year 7-10

Itinerary: Affiliated with the Reform movement, Shemesh is a two week summer camp filled with a variety of activities which allow the campers to develop their passions and skills. Shemesh also encourages participants to explore their ideas on Israel and Reform Judaism.

Location: Wales/Midlands

Price for Reform Synagogue Members: £989
Price for non-Reform Synagogue Members: £1175

Date: Tueday 28th July- Tuesday 11th August

What they say:I feel that RSY-Netzer is another family to me…RSY has made me who I am today” – Natasha, 20.


FZY – Federation of Zionist Youth

FZY camp! (Courtesy of FZY)

Age groups: Years 9-10

Itinerary: Film and media, cookery, photography, and journalism are just some of the exciting and valuable sessions on offer at FZY Machane. Campers are also encouraged to engage in discussing Israel, past and present.

Location: Suffolk

Dates: Sunday 26th July – Thursday 6th August
Price: £950

What they say: “Loads of exciting programmes for kids- old and new,” Zoe E


BBYO – Bnei Brith Youth Organisation

Age groups: Years 8-10

Itinerary: 11 days of outdoor adventures, volunteering, talent shows, leadership practice and discussions on Judaism.

Location: See BBYO website

Dates: Monday 27th July- Thursday 6th August

Price: £845

What they say: “BBYO is known for its welcoming atmosphere” (BBYO Website)


Noam – Masorti youth organisation

Age groups: Years 5-6 Shorashim, Years 7-8 Nevatim and  Years 9-10 Nofim

Itinerary: A Zionist, Masorti youth movement that includes education about Jewish identity, hikes, activities, friendship and summer sights.

Location: Shorashim and Nevatim- North Wales, Nofim- Spanish Mountains

Dates: See website for more details

Price: See website for more details

What they say: “2 weeks of fun-packed adventure surrounded by all your friends” (Noam Website)


LJY-Netzer – Liberal Jewish youth organisation

Circle time at LJY! (Courtesy of LJY)

Age groups: Years 3-10

Itinerary: Engaging and creative activities from swimming to singing, drama to den-building

Location: Wiltshire with coaches from North and South London

Dates: Kadima: 11th August- 24th August

Price: £815

What they say: “Machaneh Kadimah is an amazing inclusive environment where all participants can flourish, make friends and have fun.” (LJY-Netzer Website)


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