Jewish students take over the TV for Chanukah

Jewish students take over the TV for Chanukah

photoA Jewish student at Nottingham University whose student society started making its own TV shows hosted a Chanukah special on Culture Show Live last week.

Aspiring presenter Josh Rom said: “It was a great privilege and a great opportunity to experience live filming. It feels so amazing to share the story of Chanukah with the viewers.”

Fellow Jewish Society (or J-Soc) committee members Jordan Rinsler and Ben Carr joined Josh in taking over the airwaves, with their own entertainment show Wake up with Jordan and Ben being broadcast on University Radio Nottingham.[divider]

Follow this link to watch the Chanukah special of the Culture Show Live on Nottingham University Television Station.[divider]

Watch the teaser to Culture Show Live:

[youtube id=”09vuUigZ14″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]



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