Jewish parliamentary advisor enters race to succeed Gerald Kaufman

Jewish parliamentary advisor enters race to succeed Gerald Kaufman

Elaina Cohen is vying to replace the deceased controversial MP in Manchester Gorton

A Jewish parliamentary advisor has thrown her hat into the ring in the race to become Labour’s candidate to succeed Sir Gerald Kaufman.

Elaina Cohen, who grew up in Manchester, is hoping to become the new MP for the safe seat of Manchester Gorton. The former journalist has worked for former Europe minister Khalid Mahmood for more than a decade.

The Hale shul member said: “It’s been a heart-wrenching experience watching the Jewish community lose trust in the Labour Party. I’ve put my name forward hoping I’ll be selected to redress the concern that Labour doesn’t want us. I know that’s not true.”

The 57-year-old entered the fray after it was announced that MEP Afzal Khan, who three years ago likened Israeli government actions to the Nazis, had put his name forward. He is considred the favourite.

During the war in Gaza, he tweeted: “”The Israeli Government are [sic] acting like Nazi’s [sic] in Gaza”, but the party did not take any action, much to the ‘deep disappointment’ of Jewish community leaders.

Upon putting his name forward to be the candidate for Manchester Gorton, Khan, who came to the UK from Pakistan as a child, said: “As a former Manchester councillor, Lord Mayor and now an MEP, I’m a proven campaigner, with a track record of hard work and delivering for my constituents.”

Khan called Sir Gerald Kaufman “a true champion for the people of Manchester Gorton. Over the 20 years we worked together I was always grateful for his support, advice and above all friendship.”

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