Jewish man’s heated exchange with aunt about non-Jewish girlfriend goes viral

Jewish man’s heated exchange with aunt about non-Jewish girlfriend goes viral

Lawyer known only as 'Moshe' has argument with relative, who urges him to "come back to Judaism" after he refuses to dump his non-Jewish partner.

A young lawyer’s heated argument with his Jewish aunt has gone viral – after she tried to get to him to dump his non-Jewish girlfriend.

Known as ‘Moshe’, the attorney shared the emotional text message exchange on internet site Imgur, under the name SmileyMo, in which his close relative urges him to come back to Judaism and raise a Jewish family.

His aunt asks him repeatedly if she can take him out to dinner to try and change his mind, telling him she’s “looking for you happiness”.

In a passionate defence, Moshe asks his aunt “what does who I marry have to do with me staying Jewish?”, adding “I don’t think dinner to discuss things I’ve discussed with many people ad nauseum would be productive”.

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His relative persists – telling her nephew she “just wanted to impress upon you how important it is to continue our Jewish heritage and tradition because we are Jews”.

Unimpressed – Moshe tells his aunt, his non-Jewish girlfriend “did light Chanukah candles with me this year”, but insists that if any children they may have “want to be Jewish, they’ll have the option to convert.”

As the discussion drags on – he tells his aunt that “the religion of my ultimate wife is far down on the list of priorities”, preferring to go out with someone who brings him happiness and is a nice person.

Moshe then explains his “contempt for Jews”, which he says “comes from they way they treat those who aren’t Jewish….That most Jews are taught and believe that they are special. That people have such problems with who I marry but will have no issue if the girl is a bad person…”

The two then move on to talking about Jewish suffering, with his aunt insisting that it’s “Jews who historically have been victimised by non Jews”, to which Moshe says “antisemitism doesn’t give Jews an excuse ti be racist or anti-Muslim.”

Ending the discussion, Moshe tells his aunt, that “I hope I made my opinions on my religious beliefs and dating life clear so that you’re not out of the loop”, to which his aunt says “we are on the same page: I also want you to be happy and have a good life. I just don’t agree that what you are doing currently will bring you happiness in the future.”


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