Jewish magician wows night tube riders

Jewish magician wows night tube riders

Entertainer Michael Gee performed tricks to late-night passengers on the inaugural 24-hour London Underground service

Michael Gee
Michael Gee

An ex-JFS student swapped performing magic at barmitzvahs for the London Underground, wowing passengers during the launch of Night Tube.

Michael Gee, 31, entertained late-night travellers with tricks including levitating a ring in a glass.

The magician from Pinner performed the tricks as part of a new BBC Three documentary, called Night Tube.

Gee, who has been doing magic since he was six-years old, regularly appears bar/batmitzvahs and weddings. He spoke to Jewish News, saying he likes to do tricks on the underground as it “can be rather dull and boring” on the tube.

“I always like to take any opportunity to perform magic when travelling to or from an event”, he said. “I love encouraging random strangers to interact with each other and experience something fun together.”

Night Tube, which will be coming to BBC Three soon, will show footage of the Night Tube which was newly launched last Friday on two lines.

✨Magical things can happen on the Night Tube✨

We’re filming all weekend for a new documentary, coming soon.

Posted by BBC Three on Saturday, 20 August 2016

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