Jewish magician shows off wheel-y good skills on Penn & Teller show

Jewish magician shows off wheel-y good skills on Penn & Teller show

Former JFS student Michael Gee wowed the world-famous entertainers in Las Vegas

Francine Wolfisz is the Features Editor for Jewish News.

Magician Michael Gee showed off his wheel-y good skills on the season finale of Penn & Teller Fool Us, this week.

Gee, 33, who grew up in Pinner and now lives in Elstree, flew out to the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for his appearance on the popular television show, in which magicians compete to out-do the seasoned entertainers.

If they are unable to tell how the trick was done, the winner is invited back on a five-star trip to Las Vegas, to perform as the opening act in Penn and Teller’s regular show.

For his episode, which will air in the UK on Netflix, the former JFS student performed his magic routine with the help of a little transparent car named Henry.

Holding up a red car, Michael light-heartedly explains that this small prop “became the inspiration to my new best friend, Henry the car.”

He continues: “He was just a normal magic prop, just like his grandfather, but as soon as I stuck eyes on, it was a different story. It’s like it came to life.”

Describing him as “wonderfully inventive”, host Alyson Hannigan was invited onto the stage for Michael to try out his trick.

After asking her to pick a card, Alyson was instructed to roll Henry along a full deck of 52 cards, with the little car mysteriously stopping just at the very card she had chosen: the two of hearts.

Despite wowing the crowds, Penn and Teller knew just the secret of his entertaining routine.

With a wry smile, Michael said: “I didn’t fool them, but I’ve had an amazing time – and I’m really looking forward to my buffet dinner tonight.”

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