Jewish leaders urge community to help fight Ebola

Jewish leaders urge community to help fight Ebola

A concerted effort from the Jewish community to help combat the spread of Ebola saw religious leaders join a chorus of calls to support the World Jewish Relief crisis appeal this week.

The Ebola disease has killed 4,500 people to-date

Among those backing the appeal was Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who said: “It is a mitzvah for us to do what we can to help fight the virus and to assist those affected by this crisis.”

Leaders of Reform, Liberal and Masorti Judaism have urged the community to pledge money for medical supplies, disinfectant materials, protective equipment for health workers and emergency health awareness programmes.

“The world is racing to contain the virus,” said WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni. “There is no proven vaccination. There is no cure. Urgent assistance is needed to provide vital resources to millions at risk of infection.”

The appeal forms part on an international effort to halt the spread of the devastating haemorrhagic fever, which is acquired by contact through blood or other bodily fluids from an infected animal or person.

So far up to 4,500 people have already died from the virus, whilst 9,000 people are infected. The World Health Organisation has warned that there could be up to 10,000 new cases per week. We simply cannot ignore it.

To donate, and for more information, please visit or call WJR on 0208 736 1250

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