Jewish & Muslim students in #OneLoughborough unity event

Jewish & Muslim students in #OneLoughborough unity event

By Esther Malkinson

Loughborough 6

Loughborough’s Jewish and Islamic societies came together to commemorate the recent events in France and consider racism and anti-Semitism that occur in the UK.

The aim was to celebrate the fact that here in Loughborough we are all one using the hashtag – #OneLoughborough.

Speakers included the VP Societies, Sophie Farley; Co-ordinator for the CFS/Methodist Chaplain, Deacon Jan Sutton,  the Jewish Society’s Esther Malkinson and the Islamic Society’s Awab Elniel.Loughborough 2

Esther and Awab stressed that students of Loughborough were accepting of their peers. Esther recalled some advice given to her in Secondary school, saying “I was warned, undoubtedly, that I would receive anti- Semitic comments”.

Esther says that she has found the complete opposite coming to University and that “educating people at Loughborough about Judaism has being a pleasure”.

Being a key organiser of the event, Esther prompted everyone to “be the positive impact on social media”, asking people to share their images of lit candles on Instagram and Twitter.

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Awab said it is “dangerous to ignore the rage” that has being happening recently. He also said that “as the Muslim community- we stand alongside everyone”.

The event was uniting and moving as it presented students with a concept of peace and commemoration.

People were able to take an electric tea light and place it at the front of the stage, as well as leaving a message about unity and “one Loughborough” on a board.

The organisers also made it known that participants were invited to share messages and images of support throughout the month of February on social media, using #OneLoughborough.

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